TF2 Trading: Rabid Heavy Taming Engineer

Engineer is one of my favorite role in playing Team Fortress 2. I love the defensive aspect of being an Engineer. Just putting down your turret and wait for people die right in front of you. Not to mention without shooting a single shot of your gun, the feeling is great. Engineer is not only for defensive strategies. With the good positioning of turret on the offensive, Engineer can be really a force to be reckoned with. It is as if you made a good deal in TF2 Trading, that great of a feeling.

TF2 Trading: All New Level of Engineering

So what if your turret is moving and infinitely stronger than your usual turret? Oh, it can also rack up kills in amazing speed. Would you like that? I am pretty sure you do and I am pretty sure every player in Team Fortress 2 will play as an Engineer. Who would not want to play an overpowered role like that in a competitive game, right?

Want a glimpse of what I am saying? Here is a video of the Rabid Heavy Taming Engineer! Watch and enjoy the action!


Look at all those bodies mangled by the Rabid Heavy. They did not have time to react to the rampaging beast. Not even bullets can stop him or it, whatever that is. Aside from being unstoppable, it is amazing to see fear got to everyone first and made them all panic. Let the chaos spread!

TF2 Trading

Oh my goodness. I really hope that piece of meat is available in the TF2 Items list anytime and use it to, you know, attract the Rabid Heavy and make it fight for your team. What a lovely sight it would be seeing all those internal organs of your enemies all over the place. Am I being too sadistic? LOL. It is okay, we are all playing a pretty violent game anyways!

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