TF2 Trading: Not a Good Experience, Everytime

It is not fun to play a team game, like Team Fortress 2, if the people in your team don’t have sense of, uh, teamwork. No, not fun at all. Those people who don’t want to switch to a needed role even though they are two of their chosen role. Causing you headache all day. Another is those people who don’t respond to team strategy. “Hey, that dude seems to be the best among the enemy team. Maybe we should focus fire him.” “Nah, I will hit whoever I want to hit.” Oh, my blood pressure. Why are there such people in Team Fortress 2? Well it’s not exclusive to TF2 but, why on the game I am playing? If there’s a headache remedy in TF2 Trading / Market, I would like to purchase a lifetime supply.

TF2 Trading: Feel My Pain

Petlast from TF2 Subreddit seems to be feeling my pain on this subject:

2013 recruit, not as experienced as some of you but skilled enough to want to play with people who want to coordinate. And over the past few weeks with the difficulty of getting into casual servers with friends I started looking for decent players to hang out with.

I’ve been to about a hundred community servers over the past two weeks trying to find a decent group to have any sort of regular game with, but I’ve yet to find any. Each server I go to has no communication, no coordination, organization, or consideration for any type of “team” action, whether it be pushing, healing, or defending. Voice chat is horrendous, from squeakers who won’t shut up to people who talk to themselves like they’re doing a let’s play. Have communities on TF2 always been this frustrating?

I’m at my wit’s end. I just want to play a game with people who can strategize and have fun. Is this hidden somewhere I can’t find?

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I am not saying that there are no decent players in the game but if you encounter these selfish people, really ruins your day. TF2 items won’t remedy the headaches and nightmares of experiences like these.

I’m sure you experienced this like Petlast and I. Share your past experience with us!

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