Civilization 6

Steam Codes: Civilization VI Announcement Trailer

Amidst the rumble and tumble of other hyped things like Overwatch, Batman V Superman, the Warcraft Movie, and the imminence of E3 2016, some things, like Civilization 6, somehow got swept under the rug of mainstream obscurity.

That’s pretty sad, all things considered, because the 4X grand strategy IP is one of the greatest of its generation that has proven itself with every iteration of having deep complexity, addictive gameplay, and tons of content.

Firaxis games had recently announced their flagship game, Civilization 6, will be released on Oct. 21, 2016, along with a release trailer.

Steam Codes: A New 4X

The last game, Civilization 5, was launched to huge success and critical acclaim. However, the next Civilization game, Beyond Earth, while not directly in line with the core series, didn’t do so well due to the many imbalances and bugs.

Firaxis hopes to remedy that with the sixth installment of the series, claiming that the newest game in their popular IP will introduce new ways in engaging with the game world.

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One of the biggest changes that we’ll see a departure in from previous titles is that cities will now actually grow and expand, physically. This means that cities won’t just occupy one tile in the game world but will eventually grow enough to occupy multiple tiles. This turns the standard play of Civilization on its head entirely as people will have to plan out even more where they decide to make a city, especially the first one.

The active research of a certain technology and culture will now even affect how progressive a certain civilization is. For example, while your civilization is actively researching Writing, meaning that it’s still in progress to be completed, certain stats will increase and decrease, affecting your Civilization’s actual work capacity to a certain extent. This makes planning out research much more essential when compared to past games. Interactions with other civilizations will also be greatly improved upon as it is leaning to how diplomacy worked in the 4th game rather than the watered-down, bipolar tendencies of AI in the 5th game (I’m looking at you, Gandhi).

Multiplayer will also be greatly enhanced, “designed to be easily completed in a single session,” as opposed to the very lengthy meta Civilization 5 has at present. While it sounds promising, one can’t help but wonder if they’re going to dumb down the gameplay to a point where it might not be as good. But all of that is speculation right now and all we can really do is remain positive that Civilization 6 will redeem Firaxis from the mess, Beyond Earth. Hopefully, we’ll get some early access for Steam codes on this game.