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EVE Account Recent History: The Battle of M-OEE8

EVE Online is known for its almost too-realistic approach when it comes to politics. And because of this, wars, which are byproducts of the breakdown of certain political constructs, can seem to get as large-scale, vicious, and damaging as that in our world, so much so that the great wars of the game affect every EVE account there is. And quite recently, just a few months ago, a big war just broke, one that got many EVE accounts involved. It’s the Battle of M-OEE8.

Last March 28th of this year, there had been a battle between the Imperium Coalition and the Moneybadger Coalition, a rather recently founded coalition that is made up of a great number of alliances in New Eden. This took place in the solar systems of the eponymous M-OEE8 and J-GAMP, which is in the constellation 1P-V L2 in the Tribute Region. Involved in this bloodshed, which lasted for many hours, were 5,806 EVE account holders, making it the second biggest conflict to ever happen in EVE’s fictional space, only second to B-R5RB.


EVE: Account of The Battle of M-OEE8

Like what was previously said, almost all, if not all wars are politically motivated, and this video game space battle is no different. And for the Battle of M-OEE8, it was all about the control of the infrastructure hub of the particular system where the war was waged, which was obviously important, as it wouldn’t have sparked a 5,000-player conflict if it weren’t. For the Imperium, losing it would result to them becoming more vulnerable to assaults from their enemies, the Allies, as it could later on become their enemies’ foothold. On the other hand, for the Allies, victory against the Imperium means being able to take over this slice of cosmic territory, and in turn means getting closer to the heart of Imperium.

After many series of ship-to-ship battles, the Imperium lost. Not only did they suffer massive casualties when it comes to ships, but they have also lost control of the station, as well as the loyalty of Circle-of-Two, which comprised around 25% of the Imperium’s pilots. Indeed, what a costly defeat. Kind of makes me wonder if they’re going to buy EVE online account now.

The Battle of M-OEE8 involved the two big factions, left both of them with big casualties – and more so with Imperium – and caused a big change in the intergalactic power-struggle of New Eden. So, what is going to happen to EVE Online and EVE account owners next? Nobody knows. One thing, however, is certain – there will always be wars.