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Moneymakers in Eve Online are as important as those players who focus in getting strong (for future wars). That’s what makes Eve Online great not unlike other MMORPG’s. Even if you don’t focus in fighting but you have monetary control over many, you still are considered valuable in the population. Actually, sometimes you are more feared by people because in any instant, you can build the most powerful ship in the game. Not to mention these moneymaking people don’t have to pay real money for their subscription. They can purchase Eve Plex every end of their game time.

Eve Plex: Post

With the topic, it is not surprising that people be asking in Reddit about how to trade efficiently. Actually, this post below is asking on how to trade because he has no idea on how to in Eve Online:

Hello everyone, i am an Elite: Dangerous player which mostly interested about trading. But after playing E: D for several months, it just became too simple and I looked for more complex trading games. I started playing Eve, found myself in a mining corporation and mined for months, then left game without trading (it is less funnier than it looks) .

Now i really would like to start trading, but all guides I’ve found is mostly outdated, links are broken etc. Therefore I have no idea where to start or what to do.

I have an Iteron Mark V and 60 million isks. If I sell my other ships I almost have 500 million isks. So no freighter for now.

What would you suggest? Shall i go Jita and than what?

Thanks for your help!

By the way sorry for reposting this on EveTrading subreddit but that subreddit seems pretty dead.


Just like the comments I read in the post, there are numerous ways to trade so there is no definite answer to this.

People actually are active in responding to these posts in Reddit which is very admiring. It is rare for people to respond quickly without trolling or being toxic. That goes to show Eve Online community really IS a community. The community is so nice that they might buy Eve Plex for you so they can play with you more.

Eve Plex: Sharing Part 4

Here is the last part of a great sharing why Eve Online is one of the best games out in the market right now. If you didn’t know the part that came before this, please take a look in the list of my posts. Yeah, I would link you the other parts but this is already the last part of four parts. Anyways, hope you can relate with this guy talking about his experience and some things about some Eve Online Ships.

Eve Plex: Continuation

And it’s this level of interaction that makes this a very REAL world in a digital space. Despite all of the scientific accuracy in Elite Dangerous, you never escape the cockpit; the knowledge of being in a simulation. A false environment, no matter how believable from a distance, will never make up for the depth of and truth behind the social constructs in EVE Online.

I know this is a bit overlong for a lover letter, but I guess all I’m really trying to say is that I wish I had come here sooner, and I’ll probably be here awhile.

FINAL NOTE: Minmatar ships look like a three year old built them out of leftover Legos after his big brother used all the good pieces. (And now you will all focus on this statement instead of the story.)

POST FINAL NOTE: This is one of the first things I’ve ever posted on Reddit, and I really didn’t expect this many people to read a long ass post like this – but oh yeah, these are EVE players. Thanks guys 🙂

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It was a refreshing read when you get to realize that all of the things he said is what made me stay in Eve Online as well. It’s as if he just told my experience or read my mind and wrote all of it. Yeah, I do wish too that I did play Eve Online sooner. With all those Eve Ships, the economy, the interaction with other people, etc. Eve Online is absolutely great.

Eve Plex: Sharing Part 3

Here is the continuation of last time’s insight I shared to you guys. It might not be about Eve Plex but still interesting.

Eve Plex: Continuation

I’ve been in this corporation for about a week, and I now see why I truly hesitated at first to find one. I was looking at these corporations like they were guilds or clans from other MMOs, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I knew they were a major part of EVE, but they’re far more than that. They’re central to the very structure of the experience. This isn’t some group of players that need other trusted people to help in raids now and then. This is an organization of loyalists with a shared vision, complete with the political complexities of interacting with other organizations – many that share a similar level of zealousness. I recognize I may have gotten lucky finding a corporation this good, but even if there are objectively better ones out there, this corporation is now my country, my birthplace, and my home.

You have neighbors. Alliances. Enemies. One day, a friendly visitor from another system started a conversation with me and we talked for a few minutes while I mined, like a next door neighbor peeking his head over the fence in your backyard just to say hi. Another day we received a war declaration and so an experienced player rounded up all of the newer pilots out to teach fleet tactics, and to practice in scrimmages.

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Don’t be like this guy


I liked the part where some stranger actually talked to him. I actually appreciate meeting and playing with strangers online in an MMORPG than just hanging around and playing with real life friends. The unexpected addition of random players in my friends list is a wonderful feeling and even if your real life friends aren’t online, you have someone to look forward to in the game aside from them. Yeah, normally those in-game friends are usually online if your real life friends are not online. I can definitely say I would buy Eve Plex for them because they keep me company when I need one.

How about you? What do you think of this part of his story? Let us know!

Eve Online Ships: Sharing Part 2

Last week, I shared to you guys about someone posting a story about an interesting story but unfortunately it was only the first part. I will share to you now the next part of his story in Reddit. Read on to know more stuff from the poster about Eve Online Ships and more.

Eve Online Ships

Eve Online Ships: Continuation

Here is the continuation of his post:

Like I said, I just started EVE Online. For the first couple days, I mined to make a little bit of cash while I became familiar with the controls and let my skills gradually train up. Sure, there’s a learning curve, but once you get past the overwhelming number of icons and menus, it’s really not that difficult to figure anything out – you just have to read (I feel like a lot of people just don’t do this and that’s why people complain).

During this time, I worked on my Opportunities list. I went through each one like a checklist, learning each new dynamic of the game and becoming more impressed. But then I got to the one about joining a corporation, and I sighed. Of course I knew about corporations and that they played a major part of the game, but no matter what game I play, I like to do things on my own. It’s large part of why I’ve never gotten into any MMO (even WoW).

I selected a corporation, applied, and was accepted (I won’t tell you who because I’m not asking for a WarDec, thanks). Over the coming days I felt a genuine camaraderie that I had never experienced in a game before. Every member has personal goals, it’s true, but above all else they care about the growth and safety of the corporation as a whole. Our CEO and Directors speak with all of us about the corporation’s long term goals, and not once have they needed to directly ask or direct someone to perform a task – every member jumps at the opportunity to prove their value to the corp and they get it done.

Let us continue next time and maybe the poster will tell us more like something more about Eve and Eve Ships.

Eve Online Ships: Sharing Part 1

I have read and heard some comments about Eve Online that it is really boring of an MMORPG and the redeeming factors only would be the Eve Online Ships. As I always say to them in response when I have the chance, you don’t know what you’re talking about. It is either they didn’t play the game that long or they are just plainly stupid. Sometimes it is a combination of both. So yeah, no need to reply to those posts.

Eve Online Ships

Eve Online Ships: Let’s Start

So I bumped into a long post in Eve Subreddit with someone sharing a story to us. It is not all about the action and the graphics. Sometimes an MMORPG is all about the experience and the stories created while playing the game, like Eve Online. Like this one:

Yes, I’m brand new. No, I’m not some scrub on here asking for tips – I’m capable of using the internet. Just wanted to share my experience so far, and why I think EVE Online may be one of the most brilliant games of all time.

I have 1400+ hours in Elite Dangerous, and I will always have a very warm place in my heart for it. But now that I’ve been playing EVE for all of a week or so, I’ve finally recognized why Elite couldn’t keep my attention. Despite its incredible flight control, the brilliant UI, the pure sense of freedom, and fun combat mechanics, nothing ever escaped your own cockpit – physically or mentally.

You are locked into that chair. Nothing outside of that cockpit really influences your goals. What I mean is that every goal you create for yourself is of a selfish nature. I need more money. I want a better ship. I need to increase my standing in my faction, because I want the faction bonus/ship/module. I want to explore. I want to be a pirate. In Elite Dangerous, you could play with other people, but there was never a reason to beyond merely wanting to. In fact, most activities were far less lucrative with other players and it wasn’t even that risky to fly alone.

Let us continue next time and maybe the poster will tell us more like something about Eve Ships.

EVE Account Recent History: The Battle of M-OEE8

EVE Online is known for its almost too-realistic approach when it comes to politics. And because of this, wars, which are byproducts of the breakdown of certain political constructs, can seem to get as large-scale, vicious, and damaging as that in our world, so much so that the great wars of the game affect every EVE account there is. And quite recently, just a few months ago, a big war just broke, one that got many EVE accounts involved. It’s the Battle of M-OEE8.

Last March 28th of this year, there had been a battle between the Imperium Coalition and the Moneybadger Coalition, a rather recently founded coalition that is made up of a great number of alliances in New Eden. This took place in the solar systems of the eponymous M-OEE8 and J-GAMP, which is in the constellation 1P-V L2 in the Tribute Region. Involved in this bloodshed, which lasted for many hours, were 5,806 EVE account holders, making it the second biggest conflict to ever happen in EVE’s fictional space, only second to B-R5RB.


EVE: Account of The Battle of M-OEE8

Like what was previously said, almost all, if not all wars are politically motivated, and this video game space battle is no different. And for the Battle of M-OEE8, it was all about the control of the infrastructure hub of the particular system where the war was waged, which was obviously important, as it wouldn’t have sparked a 5,000-player conflict if it weren’t. For the Imperium, losing it would result to them becoming more vulnerable to assaults from their enemies, the Allies, as it could later on become their enemies’ foothold. On the other hand, for the Allies, victory against the Imperium means being able to take over this slice of cosmic territory, and in turn means getting closer to the heart of Imperium.

After many series of ship-to-ship battles, the Imperium lost. Not only did they suffer massive casualties when it comes to ships, but they have also lost control of the station, as well as the loyalty of Circle-of-Two, which comprised around 25% of the Imperium’s pilots. Indeed, what a costly defeat. Kind of makes me wonder if they’re going to buy EVE online account now.

The Battle of M-OEE8 involved the two big factions, left both of them with big casualties – and more so with Imperium – and caused a big change in the intergalactic power-struggle of New Eden. So, what is going to happen to EVE Online and EVE account owners next? Nobody knows. One thing, however, is certain – there will always be wars.

Eve Online Ships: Worst Ships

For the past weeks, we’ve been talking about good ships and what to aim for. Who would play a game anyways aiming for the bad ones right? That is why we talked about the great Eve Online Ships first. So that you know which one to spend first your hard earned in-game currency, right? Cause that will be your baby. Anyways, how about the worst ships? Which Eve Online ships do you and other people think are the worst? Maybe they still have their uses but still, let us hear what people have to say why they think they are bad.

Eve Online Ships: Reddit

I came across this post looking for comments about which Eve Ships people think are bad down to worst. Good thing there was someone thinking of the same thing in looking for the worst ships in Eve Online:

I’m bored, so I’m asking dumb questions. What do you think the worst ships in eve are? What would be your top 5 crappiest ships in the game and why?

He actually gave his answers as well which was a good start on the topic:
Me, I only have a couple on my list that seem either underpowered or just not really filling a good role. For instance, I think the rorqual is busted, don’t know what I’d do to fix it, but the fact that it’s basically used like a POS module seems a bit lame. The primea is also not of much value (I didn’t even realize that existed until a different thread mentioned that one of my ideas would make a ship as useless as the primae). Deep space transports were a bit rubbish until recently as well.

The reason I ask is that I’m wondering what ships might get a re-balance in the next half decade or so, when CCP gets round to it.

Eve Online Ships


This is a good start. Let us see on the next write up on what other people think. Wait for it everyone!

Eve Online Ships: Some Images

Here in this article, I will share you guys some images that will captivate your minds if you are an Eve Online Player. As an Eve Online Player, have you ever wondered how certain Eve Online Ships and structures will look like if put into our real world perspective? If you have not, prepare yourself. Something this amazing is rare to see and be glad you are here to see it!

Eve Online Ships: Here You Go!


Eve Online Ships

Here is an image on how Naglfar, a Minmatar Dreadnought, will look like if it will be in Chicago! Amazing! Naglfar is 5.3 kilometers tall which is twelve times the height of Sears Tower on its left. Here is some description of Naglfar from the Eve Wiki:

Boasting an impressive versatility in firepower options, the Naglfar is capable of holding its own against opponents of all sizes and shapes. While its defenses don’t go to extremes as herculean as those of its counterparts, the uniformity of resilience – coupled with the sheer amount of devastation it can dish out – make this beast an invaluable addition to any fleet.


Eve Online Ships

Ever wonder how it will look like for a Providence hovering Chicago? Well, here it is! So enormous that it is like a floating arena! Taking again from Eve Wiki:

Even though characteristically last in the race to create a working prototype of new technology, the Empire’s engineers spared no effort in bringing the Providence into the world. While the massive potential for profit from the capsuleer market is said to have been what eventually made the stolid Empire decide to involve themselves in the freighter business, their brainchild is by no means the runt of the litter; the Providence is one of the sturdiest freighters out there.

Did you love both images? I am pretty sure you did because Eve Ships over a real world image is so captivating. Do not worry. I will share more of images like these in the next article.