POE Items: A Guide to Prophecies

Ever since Path of Exile: Prophecy came about, many mystical things have been happening to the men and women who were banished to Wraeclast. For a little bit of silver, players can receive prophecies, conditions that have to be fulfilled in order to trigger a particular occurrence, from Navali. And for extra pieces of silver, these prophecies can be turned into one of those POE items, and then traded with other players.  There are many different types of prophecies; all of which are given at random, and some bring a lot more good fortune than others.

There are different types of prophecies. There are the Master Mission prophecies, which grants players extra reputation upon finishing a master mission; Crafting prophecies – as the name suggests, these prophecies the result of the usage of crafting POE items; Fated Uniques prophecies, which upgrade unique items into entirely new and much better version of themselves; Encounter prophecies, which grant you a reward upon encountering a particular mob; and Prophecy chains, which subjects players to a series of quests that yield rewards.


POE Items: Prophecy Guide

Like what’s been previously said, some prophecies are more helpful than others. And to help you in your quest, here are a few of the most helpful prophecies:

  • Crafting Prophecies:
    • Fated Connections – with a single Jeweler’s Orb, an item will have six sockets and six links.
    • Trash to Treasure – a normal POE item becomes a unique one with a single Orb of Chance
  • Fated Uniques – because of the sheer diversity and specificity of this particular prophecy type, there is no one best Fated Uniques prophecy.
  • Encounter Prophecies:
    • The Singular Spirit – a slayed Tormented Spirit will drop a random unique item.
    • Nemesis of Greed – a rare monster with the Inner Treasure modifier will drop two unique items instead of one.
    • The Mysterious Gift – selling five random unique items to a vendor will give you a mystery box. When opened, it will become a random unique item. The level of the resulting item is equivalent to the lowest-leveled item that you sold.

There are many other Prophecies out there, so if you’re looking for a Divine Orb or an Orb of Fusing, you’ll certainly find one with these prophecies soon enough. And now that you know how prophecies work, it’s about time you determine your own future, exile.

How to win more for Dota 2 items Collectors

We are not going to talk about improving your creep shots, harassing enemies, new strategies, and anything that is technical. Instead, we are going to talk about being a sportsman like, wow big words. Honestly, it is really hard to be patient with team strategy game, especially if you are playing online games, and used to interacting with random people.

Winning more for Dota 2 items Collectors: Communicate

It is basic. No man is an island. Talk with your team mates, praise them if they have made a good play or save your life. They deserved it. Nowadays, it is like: your best plays are ignored, while your mistakes are always on the spotlight, and players will criticize you for it.

The blame game starts in the past, where the game was played by stupid players, sorry for the word, but it is true. If they did not introduce the blame game, the players in dota 2 would not be like inhuman.

Winning more for Dota 2 items Collectors: Know your Capability

We know that watching professional players play is like a one way ticket to getting better. However, imitating advanced plays that is not around your skill level is just mere stupidity. You do not even know the logic behind what he is doing. As a result, instead of elevating your skills in the game, you tilt because you fail on something. And it is disheartening.

Start with copying the easy ones first, and when you finally grasp the logic behind an advanced trick, it is time to execute it.

Winning more for Dota 2 items Collectors: Do not Rage

Majority of the players do not lose technically. They lose because they are mad, and throwing the game, and losing the mood to perform well, for the sole reason of stupid team mates. If you are doing really bad, instead of thinking about how mean your team mates, think about why did you die so much? Contemplate about them until you find a solution to fix your mistakes.


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