Eve Online Ships: Sharing Part 2

Last week, I shared to you guys about someone posting a story about an interesting story but unfortunately it was only the first part. I will share to you now the next part of his story in Reddit. Read on to know more stuff from the poster about Eve Online Ships and more.

Eve Online Ships

Eve Online Ships: Continuation

Here is the continuation of his post:

Like I said, I just started EVE Online. For the first couple days, I mined to make a little bit of cash while I became familiar with the controls and let my skills gradually train up. Sure, there’s a learning curve, but once you get past the overwhelming number of icons and menus, it’s really not that difficult to figure anything out – you just have to read (I feel like a lot of people just don’t do this and that’s why people complain).

During this time, I worked on my Opportunities list. I went through each one like a checklist, learning each new dynamic of the game and becoming more impressed. But then I got to the one about joining a corporation, and I sighed. Of course I knew about corporations and that they played a major part of the game, but no matter what game I play, I like to do things on my own. It’s large part of why I’ve never gotten into any MMO (even WoW).

I selected a corporation, applied, and was accepted (I won’t tell you who because I’m not asking for a WarDec, thanks). Over the coming days I felt a genuine camaraderie that I had never experienced in a game before. Every member has personal goals, it’s true, but above all else they care about the growth and safety of the corporation as a whole. Our CEO and Directors speak with all of us about the corporation’s long term goals, and not once have they needed to directly ask or direct someone to perform a task – every member jumps at the opportunity to prove their value to the corp and they get it done.

Let us continue next time and maybe the poster will tell us more like something more about Eve and Eve Ships.