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Eve Online Ships: Worst Ships

For the past weeks, we’ve been talking about good ships and what to aim for. Who would play a game anyways aiming for the bad ones right? That is why we talked about the great Eve Online Ships first. So that you know which one to spend first your hard earned in-game currency, right? Cause that will be your baby. Anyways, how about the worst ships? Which Eve Online ships do you and other people think are the worst? Maybe they still have their uses but still, let us hear what people have to say why they think they are bad.

Eve Online Ships: Reddit

I came across this post looking for comments about which Eve Ships people think are bad down to worst. Good thing there was someone thinking of the same thing in looking for the worst ships in Eve Online:

I’m bored, so I’m asking dumb questions. What do you think the worst ships in eve are? What would be your top 5 crappiest ships in the game and why?

He actually gave his answers as well which was a good start on the topic:
Me, I only have a couple on my list that seem either underpowered or just not really filling a good role. For instance, I think the rorqual is busted, don’t know what I’d do to fix it, but the fact that it’s basically used like a POS module seems a bit lame. The primea is also not of much value (I didn’t even realize that existed until a different thread mentioned that one of my ideas would make a ship as useless as the primae). Deep space transports were a bit rubbish until recently as well.

The reason I ask is that I’m wondering what ships might get a re-balance in the next half decade or so, when CCP gets round to it.

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This is a good start. Let us see on the next write up on what other people think. Wait for it everyone!