Elder Scrolls Online Armor

Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets – What People Want

Regarding the review of elder scrolls online, there are tons of people who like elder scrolls online; however, there are also tons of people who hate elder scrolls online. It is a mixed feeling of people with different opinions about the game. Some people like the mechanics while some despise its mechanics and bashed it as soon as it was released. It is a different opinions of unique people, different breeds of animal.

Elder Scrolls Online Armor Sets – Competitive Players


Competitive players care a lot about their elder scrolls online armor sets.

Mechanics would be the first thing to be measured by competitive players. If the mechanics of the game is bad or unbalanced, it is going to be bashed by competitive players, no matter how good the lore, the setting, and art of the game. Game mechanics is what matters most for competitive players.

Upon choosing a game they would measure on how could they be competitive in a certain game. Are they going to be pissed because of its unbalanced features or does lag will be a huge hindrance? These are the things that churn around the mind of competitive players.

Casual Players

Casual players wear the most fancy elder scrolls online armor. They don’t care as long as they get to have their desired look.

Casual players are easy to satisfy. Bring them a game with a good lore, good art and some fan service they would be able to rate the game as high as 10/10.

These players are often pleased upon seeing a game with amazing graphics.

These are the kinds of players that don’t care on losing and winning.

These are the players who enjoy a lot.

These are the true gamers.

General Audience

Usually, this is the target of the company – both. They want to please everyone which is a tough job.

In order to please the general audience, the company must balance the mechanics and the art. With a simple mechanics, casual players could become competitive while competitive players would be able to appreciate lore and art.