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How To Use an Xbox Redeem Code – The Debacle!

The Xbox Redeem Code Debacle!

The interface of the Xbox One, while awesome to look at, won’t be winning any awards soon. The old interface, the initial one at launch, was an awful mess to be completely honest. You could hardly find where to redeem your codes, much less other things not directly about gaming. But the new interface hasn’t done it any favors either.

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To be honest, we’re only doing this to help you guys. Back during the era of the Xbox 360 era, it was way easy! Hit the guide button, you go over there, and just hit the “Redeem Code” option. That was it! But, no, the Xbox One has to be a fickle bastard, a confusing one at that, and cause a lot of pain for folks that just wanted to use their Xbox Redeem Code.

For half an hour, I was just lolling around my Xbox One interface with literally no idea what I was doing or looking for. Finally, however, I found exactly how to do it. Now, why the tutorial, you ask? Well, this is to help the folks out there that don’t want to waste their time trying to figure out the pointlessness for themselves. This way, you save a lot of time and frustration.

So, here it is. To use your Xbox redeem code go to the top of your Xbox One dashboard and put your cursor highlight on the “Store” tab. This will then collapse into smaller tabs and choose the “Games” tab. Scroll down to “Browse All Games” that is located right beside the “Search All Games” bar.

Once on the Browse All Games interface, head back up to the top of the page and slide to the right and click on the “Use a Code” tab. Once there, you can choose to either use a QR code to scan on your kinect or use the 25 digit Xbox redeem code you have. It’s that simple although it can be initially frustrating at first.

Certainly, Microsoft has designed the Xbox with a very fancy interface that is sleek, smooth, pleasing to the eyes, and minimalist. It’s an awesome aesthetic design, but has horrid ergonomic properties. It takes a bunch of tries and a whole lot of patience for people just to use their redeem codes or redeem gift cards because of an oddly illogically structured user interface.

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