Steam Keys Esports: Overwatch Banning and Crazy Whining

The latest banwave from Blizzard happened just on the 1st of July and it’s been glorious. Tons of people have been banned and the servers haven’t felt cleaner. I knew that one Soldier 76 in that one game was just too good to be playing fairly!

But I digress; Blizzard has been doing a fantastic job in maintaining the integrity of the game by quickly taking out these script kiddies before their taint spreads farther unlike Valve with their treatment of Team Fortress 2. While CS:GO has its automated VAC bans, it doesn’t take everything out and, sometimes, a lot of hacks get right through, only banning the hackers when a live moderator steps in. And, even then, they aren’t too aggressive on the matter. Hackers on Steam sure get the full worth of their Steam keys.

Unfortunately, for Blizzard’s side, script kiddies certainly get punched in the nuts way before they can start doing stupid crap. But what’s even more hilarious is the fact that these same cheaters have the nerve, gall, balls, or whatever you want to call it, to get angry AT Blizzard for an apparently “unfair” ban.

The failure due to the absence of mind of these people are just astonishing. From CS:GO’s VAC porn reddit page, a certain redditor presented to the public the reactions of people in a unnamed gaming forum where they accept cheating fully. I swear that you will not believe what you’ll be reading. In fact, all the reactions in the photo album of reaction screenshots simply scream “staged” in every sense of the word due to how absolutely baffling the reactions are. Then again, there are stranger things in the world.

You can click on the link above to see the full album of the reactions, but here are a couple down below as a sample of what to expect. Enjoy.

Steam Keys: A Few Samples


Esports, Exploit, FPS, Hacking, MMORPG, MOBA, Multiplayer, News, Online Game, Overview, Overwatch, Steam, Steam Keys, LUL 3

Esports, Exploit, FPS, Hacking, MMORPG, MOBA, Multiplayer, News, Online Game, Overview, Overwatch, Steam, Steam Keys, LUL

Esports, Exploit, FPS, Hacking, MMORPG, MOBA, Multiplayer, News, Online Game, Overview, Overwatch, Steam, Steam Keys, LUL 2

Using Kinect for an Xbox Redeem Code

Using Kinect for an Xbox Redeem Code

Xbox Kinect can be use to read your Xbox redeem codes for easy access. Not only can they scan QR codes from your regular redeem codes, but they can also redeem gift cards, give aways, and pretty much anything with a QR code related to your Xbox One.

To begin scanning the QR code, all you have to do is use the voice command, “Xbox, use a code.” This will then cause your Kinect to activate and start scanning the room it is located in. Simply hold up your Xbox redeem code or redeem gift card up in front of the Kinect camera and it will automatically read and, well, redeem, your Xbox redeem code. Whatever it is you have purchased the code for, your Xbox One will download it immediately if connected to the internet. Naturally, make sure that your net connection is not interrupted. However, even if it is, you can simply start it up again with no worries. Do note that the marvelous technology of the Kinect enables it to see QR codes up to 6 feet from its camera.

Use a QR Code Generator

Now, if you happen to have an Xbox redeem code that is in the form of a 25 digit string to manually input and you don’t like that method, you could always visit legitimate and trustworthy sites that will transform your 25 digit code into a QR code for some easy Kinect scanning. You can print out this QR code or simply use your smartphone to show to the Kinect camera.

The Old Fashioned Way

xbox redeem code, redeem codes, redeem gift card 1

As it was explained in an earlier article, you can also use the old fashioned way of entering an Xbox Redeem Code. Again, it can be confusing for a first timer, so we can’t really blame you for not finding it immediately. Go to Apps and select “Use a Code” in the menu system. Just scroll to the right until you find that bit. Once there, all you really have to do is enter the 25 digit code and you’re golden.

For more Xbox redeem codes and gift cards, be sure to visit PlayerAuctions for all your code needs.

No Such Thing as A Free Meal (Redeem Code)

Free PSN redeem codes or any other kind of free redeem code simply does not exist. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about: “PSN Redeem Code generator” or “XBox Live Codes for free!” Yeah, those kinds of things.

All of these are nothing but scams. Most of the time, these kinds of sites will trick you into giving up your personal information or automatically subscribing you to some useless SMS scam. You’ll then suddenly find out that you either have a lot of bills to pay or your credit card’s been hijacked. Don’t be fooled by these.

The Redeem Code Rip Off

To give an example, the image below shows what a typical scam site of a “redeem code generator” looks like:

redeem code, psn redeem codes, scam

It’s natural that we’d first be suspicious of the site, so we tend to look at them closer. You’ll most often find “certified” marks on their page that are clearly visible and/or claims that they’ve been voted or rated highly by some internet website that you also don’t know. There are even ratings for the particular item you’re looking for even though there’s no real way to rate it for yourself.

All of these are just images posted on the site to make it look legit and lull you into a false sense of security. When you do decide to “generate” a code, they’ll most likely require you to share the page with a number of folks on your social media. You’ll then just be spreading the plague.

After a bunch of other steps, they’ll make you take stupid surveys before finally asking for your personal information. The most popular one they ask you for is your mobile phone number, which they will then use to subscribe to expensive apps and other subscriptions that will be of no use to you. It goes without saying that you should NEVER give your CC information to any of these sites. If you do that, then GG, you’re screwed. Cancel your credit card immediately and inform the bank of what happened. They’ll get things sorted out, but it’ll cause a huge hassle for you.

Remember, there are no such things as free redeem codes; there are only cheap ones. If you do ever need anything from PSN redeem codes to Xbox Live subs that are legit, fast, and, most importantly, safe, head off to trusted marketplaces rather than succumbing to these scams.