Steam Keys Esports: Overwatch Banning and Crazy Whining

The latest banwave from Blizzard happened just on the 1st of July and it’s been glorious. Tons of people have been banned and the servers haven’t felt cleaner. I knew that one Soldier 76 in that one game was just too good to be playing fairly!

But I digress; Blizzard has been doing a fantastic job in maintaining the integrity of the game by quickly taking out these script kiddies before their taint spreads farther unlike Valve with their treatment of Team Fortress 2. While CS:GO has its automated VAC bans, it doesn’t take everything out and, sometimes, a lot of hacks get right through, only banning the hackers when a live moderator steps in. And, even then, they aren’t too aggressive on the matter. Hackers on Steam sure get the full worth of their Steam keys.

Unfortunately, for Blizzard’s side, script kiddies certainly get punched in the nuts way before they can start doing stupid crap. But what’s even more hilarious is the fact that these same cheaters have the nerve, gall, balls, or whatever you want to call it, to get angry AT Blizzard for an apparently “unfair” ban.

The failure due to the absence of mind of these people are just astonishing. From CS:GO’s VAC porn reddit page, a certain redditor presented to the public the reactions of people in a unnamed gaming forum where they accept cheating fully. I swear that you will not believe what you’ll be reading. In fact, all the reactions in the photo album of reaction screenshots simply scream “staged” in every sense of the word due to how absolutely baffling the reactions are. Then again, there are stranger things in the world.

You can click on the link above to see the full album of the reactions, but here are a couple down below as a sample of what to expect. Enjoy.

Steam Keys: A Few Samples


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Esports, Exploit, FPS, Hacking, MMORPG, MOBA, Multiplayer, News, Online Game, Overview, Overwatch, Steam, Steam Keys, LUL

Esports, Exploit, FPS, Hacking, MMORPG, MOBA, Multiplayer, News, Online Game, Overview, Overwatch, Steam, Steam Keys, LUL 2

POE Items: A Guide to Prophecies

Ever since Path of Exile: Prophecy came about, many mystical things have been happening to the men and women who were banished to Wraeclast. For a little bit of silver, players can receive prophecies, conditions that have to be fulfilled in order to trigger a particular occurrence, from Navali. And for extra pieces of silver, these prophecies can be turned into one of those POE items, and then traded with other players.  There are many different types of prophecies; all of which are given at random, and some bring a lot more good fortune than others.

There are different types of prophecies. There are the Master Mission prophecies, which grants players extra reputation upon finishing a master mission; Crafting prophecies – as the name suggests, these prophecies the result of the usage of crafting POE items; Fated Uniques prophecies, which upgrade unique items into entirely new and much better version of themselves; Encounter prophecies, which grant you a reward upon encountering a particular mob; and Prophecy chains, which subjects players to a series of quests that yield rewards.


POE Items: Prophecy Guide

Like what’s been previously said, some prophecies are more helpful than others. And to help you in your quest, here are a few of the most helpful prophecies:

  • Crafting Prophecies:
    • Fated Connections – with a single Jeweler’s Orb, an item will have six sockets and six links.
    • Trash to Treasure – a normal POE item becomes a unique one with a single Orb of Chance
  • Fated Uniques – because of the sheer diversity and specificity of this particular prophecy type, there is no one best Fated Uniques prophecy.
  • Encounter Prophecies:
    • The Singular Spirit – a slayed Tormented Spirit will drop a random unique item.
    • Nemesis of Greed – a rare monster with the Inner Treasure modifier will drop two unique items instead of one.
    • The Mysterious Gift – selling five random unique items to a vendor will give you a mystery box. When opened, it will become a random unique item. The level of the resulting item is equivalent to the lowest-leveled item that you sold.

There are many other Prophecies out there, so if you’re looking for a Divine Orb or an Orb of Fusing, you’ll certainly find one with these prophecies soon enough. And now that you know how prophecies work, it’s about time you determine your own future, exile.

POE Currency: Full Set for Orbs? Yes

If money makes the world go round, then orbs do the same thing in Wraeclast, as they serve as the unofficial POE currency for the player base. It’s what they shell out when buying items from their fellow players, and what they receive when another player buys from them. Therefore, it’s important for players to gather as much of that particular item type in the game.

POE Currency: Gathering Orbs

There are many kinds of orbs, and they all serve a different purpose, so game-wise, they are all necessary. But in the eyes of players, they are not created equal. Some are worth a lot more than others, and these ones are those that yield effects that are sought after by many of Wraeclast’s banished adventurers. Two examples of these would be the Chaos Orb, which gives new properties to a rare item at random, and the Regal Orb, which upgrades a magic item to a rare item. There are many ways to get these two orbs, and one of them includes having to buy POE currency. But according to Youtube Channel LiftingNerd Gaming, this is perhaps the easiest way to gather them:

path of exile chaos orb poe currency

To get a Chaos Orb, you need to sell a full set of level 60 rare equipment items to an NPC. That would be two rings, an amulet, a belt, a pair of gloves, a pair of boots, an armor, a headgear, a shield or another off-hand gear, and a weapon. Do note that for the off-hand, quivers do not count, and adding a quiver to the complete set will not yield any extra reward. To get two chaos orbs, you just have to do the exact same thing, but this time you have to sell a full set of unidentified level 60 rare equipment. If you want a Regal Orb, same rules apply – one full set is to one orb, one unidentified set is to two –but you’ll be required to give a level 75 rare full item set instead.  See? Easy POE currency.

POE Buy Currency: Putting Them To Use

While it might be a shame to sell an entire set of unidentified rare gear because it might be what you just need, it’s not actually bad of a deal. Because instead of leaving it up to fate, you can earn Chaos Orbs much faster instead, and then buy from other players the particular item that you’ve been eyeing.

So, now that you know how to easily farm POE currency, you can now buy what you want or need, or sell it to those who POE buy currency. “Happy” and bountiful adventuring, fellow banished.

CSGO Market – FPS Died Once

First person shooter games used to be really famous in the past few years, until MMORPG came into the spotlight. FPS genre was killed, losing almost all its attention, while people are focusing on MMORPG games.

Today, FPS seems stronger than before, as MMORPG genre grows very old and probably even dying.

First person shooter back in the day was offline. Players don’t meet people around the world, and this is one of the reason how MMORPG genre defeated FPS at the time. In MMORPG, people get to meet people from around the world while FPS is fixed locally.

When FPS finally connected in the internet, they became famous again.

CSGO market – Versatility


FPS games are versatile. These games could be played with or without the intervention of internet.

Since MMORPG was really popular back then, FPS developers tried to copy some factors that the MMORPG have – Trading.

Even counter strike have a csgo market which has its own economy. The economy of CSGO is unique. Economies that never affect the gameplay because what are being traded are only cs go skins, primarily for aesthetic.

CSGO as the most basic, but strategic, can’t add more mechanics like how overwatch works because the thing about counter strike is it has a well balanced maps and guns. Changing these mechanics would destroy the core nature of counter strike.


It is so strange that with numerous FPS with good mechanics and creative factors can’t beat counter strike. Counter strike is so simple that you choose your gun and kill people. In some newer FPS, players get to choose their classes.

Who is going to die next?

With the hype of overwatch around the world, how csgo or valve will respond to blizzard’s new game – Overwatch. It is also a game that has a potential to become an E-Sports.

Redeem Code Corner: DCUO End Game

While DCUO doesn’t have much in the way of a nice early or mid game, comprised only of quest hubs filled to the brim with fetch and kill quests, with a neat little “episodic” type story for each, it’s end game is a stark difference. DCUO truly begins when you reach the proper level cap of 30. This is because gear progression is the biggest and best experience DCUO has to offer aside from the robust end game episodes of PvE and the blood-pumping action of PvP.

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Redeem Code: DCUO Gear Progression

Farming Marks of Victory will be your primary purpose of existence because these commendations enable you to purchase gear of higher combat rating. In turn, having a higher combat rating will enable you to have the ability to purchase Iconic sets with even higher combat rating from certain NPCs.

Surely, you could always just opt to try and get lucky with gear drops from solo challenges, duos, or 4 man dungeons. However, this can be difficult due to fickle RNG, rolling against other players in 4 mans, or just being downright unlucky with your personal loot drops. It’s entirely possible that, for your entire itinerary for the day, you actually get nothing useful to upgrade your Combat Rating. This has happened to me and has happened to at least 90% of DCUOs avid playerbase.

With the changes to purchasing gear costs, the price for these progression gear have all but increased when compared to DCUO’s incarnation back in its earlier years. A single piece, especially early-mid game gear of CR 70, can cost a huge amount of marks just to purchase a single piece. With a cap of 100 Marks of Victory, you can’t exactly earn a shit-ton in a period of time and then suddenly splurge right there and then.

Early in the end game, you won’t be able to find much to do for dailies for these marks due to the lack of stuff you can do. With everything gated behind a Combat Rating wall, the hardcore player will inevitably finish everything they can do in a day and still may not even be close to moving their CR due to bad drops.

Consolation to this is that, as you get stronger, you also unlock the right to play newer episodes in the DCUO story that is lifted from great and fantastic storylines like Blackest Night. It’s a great incentive for the DC fandom to keep on their progression, but may not be so much for regular MMO players.

Redeem Code: Tons of DCUO Tiers

Then again, with a crap ton of raids averaging 4 per tier (with 7 tiers), the progression raider fanatics out there will certainly have a lot to do. Remember that there isn’t a “catch up” mechanic in DCUO like there is in SWTOR or WoW, and you have to play ALL the tiers just to get to the current tier of 7. If anything, this should appeal to the hardcore WoW players that don’t like their hands being held.

Take what you will of this info, but it’s in my opinion that, while it’s not the greatest end game, DCUO knows how to keep their playerbase busy.

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Steam Codes Guides: DCUO Speedster Racing Tips 1

Steam Codes: Racing in the DC World

Us DCUO fans know that the more feats (achievements) you obtain, the more skill points you have. What better way to make use of your time than to knock out the harder achievements early?

steam codes, redeem steam code, steam cd keys 2

The speedster races are, in my opinion, the hardest types of racing when compared to flying, acrobatics, and skimming. This is because of the inherent difficulty in properly controlling your movement. Make one wrong keypress and you’ll suddenly find yourself scaling the side of a wall on another building two blocks over from your intended area. It can be seriously that annoying.

Steam Codes Tips

Without further ado, below are a few tips to make your life easier when attempting to complete the Gotham and Metropolis super speed races:

  1. Important to your speed as a speedster is the skill called “Speed Force” obtainable upon reaching level 9. It isn’t necessary to complete all the races in Gotham and Metropolis, but it certainly is a huge advantage, especially if you’re trying to make up for a huge time deficit.
  2. Related to the first number, there are two Feats for you to obtain as a speedster that require you to have NO points invested in your movement ability tree. This means that you can’t have Speed Force and, therefore, cannot use it. You must achieve a Platinum score in an Expert race for one of the feats, and another Platinum must be achieved for an Adept race as the other. Like it was stated earlier, you can definitely finish ANY race without using Speed Force, there is just less room for error because you don’t have an insane speed-up option. It’s these feats that will teach you self-control and proper management of your speedster, as well as honing your reaction time and memorization.
  3. Patience! Most often than not, you’ll fail races that are adept level and higher for the first few times. Don’t be discouraged; it’s really meant to be that way. The only way to beat a tough course is if you know it like the back of your hand. Finish the course without the use of speed force for the first few times; get to know it well. Be familiar with everything like how to jump from a certain slope or when to stop at certain points, or pretty much any other technique you can develop to help you out on the track.

Continued on the next part.

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