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Dead by Daylight Review Part 1 – Steam Codes Spotlight

The 80’s horror thematic has been relatively untouched in recent years save for a few games like Until Dawn on consoles. While it’s an amazing game, it, sadly, has no Steam codes to speak of, so we connoisseurs of this relatively campy genre had to wait for a good long while. And, who would have thought that we’d be getting two of these at the same time? While Friday the 13th is backed by a gloriously powerful IP, Dead by Daylight is no slouch at all with a very unique multiplayer experience that still retains the essence of dread and terror we felt from those very same 80’s movies.

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Steam Codes: Dead by Daylight in a Nutshell

The game, at its core, is very simple: It’s essentially Evolve in reverse. A player controlled serial killer hunts down 4 other players who take on the role of prey and/or victims as the latter attempt to outmaneuver, outwit, and escape the former. In a map, there are basically five generators that the teens must activate in order to open up the exit doors, enabling them to claim victory over the serial killer. But this does take a lot of time and skill, as well as taking on the numerous quick time events that come along with starting a generator. Failing to do a couple of QTEs will blow a fuse in the generator, making it even more difficult for survivors to escape. In fact, this even alerts the serial killer player to their location and can make it much more impossible to start said generators in peace.

What about the serial killer? Well, all he has to do is, uh, kill them. It’s a wee bit more complicated than it sounds because the players that play the killer have their own mechanics and rules to follow, as if they were playing a different game all entirely. In true 80’s horror fashion, the killer is, of course, unkillable, and has the odd ability to chase down healthy survivors with ease despite the essentially permanent dread walk from the likes of Jason and other noteworthy antagonists. However, just like Jason and other antagonists, killers have a lot of trouble navigating small and narrow spaces like windows, corridors, and is easily stopped by simple, makeshift blockages in paths. Killers also have to play in the first person, unlike the prey who play in third person, giving the former a narrower field of view. Killing a survivor isn’t as simple as lopping off their heads, but killers must rely on a “bleed out” mechanic in order to fully eliminate a player. They can either wait for it where they struck down the survivor or hang them by a meat hook in your “safe” space, but will essentially have to wait it out. They can be rescued at any point if they’re not too careful, putting them back into the game.

It makes for tense games, with on-the-fly decision making and rounds filled with do-or-die moments, each of which gives every game a climactic feel: you either escape or you get horribly killed. There’s an astonishing feeling of dread when you’re being hunted: the killer projects a blood red vision cone showing where they’re looking, and seeing that creep up on you – as well as hearing the the chase theme that suddenly begins to intensify as they get closer – is creepy and unnerving. Willing to purchase the Steam codes or not, Just seeing the killer is enough to spook even experienced players: they move quickly, but are animated as to appear to be doing the Michael Myers walk, looming not running, and their sheer size projects an air of hideous inevitability should you be caught. Bit by bit, this is looking great to get a Steam redeem code for it, isn’t it?

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10 Games to get in the Steam Summer Sale Part 2 – Redeem Code

Continued from 10 Games to get in the Steam Summer Sale

This is our continuation of our Top 10 games to get during the Steam Summer Sale of 2016. We’re going to make sure you get the most band for your buck on Steam redeem code purchases.

3. Crypt of the Necrodancer Redeem Code

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Crypt of the Necrodancer is an oddball of a game that fuses together two unlikely genres: roguelikes and rhythm games. It’s very reminiscent of the older Zelda games where dungeons are just filled with baddies you have to whack, but can only do so when following a musical rhythm. Heck, this can even be played with dance pads ala Dance Dance Revolution. It’s stupidly good fun.

4. Grim Fandango Remastered Redeem Codes

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While it didn’t do so well during its release, it has become a cult classic and a classic in general in the gaming industry, Grim Fandango is quite possibly the greatest old-school adventure game ever created. Damn fine humor, dry wit, and creative puzzles line this classic’s CV, with a host of very colorful, and likable, characters to boot. For a mere $3.74 on the Steam store this summer sale, the only two reason you wouldn’t get this game is because either you already have it, or you simply don’t like having fun. This is most definitely a sure redeem code to purchase.

5. Door Kickers Steam Redeem Code

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Door Kickers is a game that pays great homage to the classic top-down strategy games of an era gone by. Put into the role of a SWAT commander, Door Kickers lets you command a small SWAT team that handle tactical interventions that vary from the common, domestic criminal to full on terrorists. Bad guys are basically in a structure that you have to get into, pacify the hostiles, and achieve whatever it is you have to in a specific mission. Your SWAT team has everything they need for combat; it’s up to you to give them the best approach to the situation. If you like tactical games, then you certainly shouldn’t pass up on the $2.99 redeem code price tag of Door Kickers during the sale.

6. Invisible Inc. Steam Keys

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Going for $6.79, Invisible Inc. is another fantastic strategy game akin to certain elements of XCOM, Metal Gear, and roguelike games where the difficulty, punishment, and need for strategy are very real. I daresay that Invisible Inc. may be the Dark Souls of the strategy genre. Much like Door Kickers, you’re in command of a team but, this time, made up of secret agents that attempt to gather resources, intelligence, and counter an enemy that drove them out of their headquarters. This is an absolute steal and you simply must get it. If you aren’t one for strategy games, I assure you, this game will change your mind about them.

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Steam Codes: Things To Remember in Every Overwatch Match

Getting into a new game is always daunting, especially when it is competitive in nature like League of Legends, CS:GO, DotA, and, of course, Overwatch. Unlike MOBAs of today’s popularity, Overwatch isn’t exactly the same, but nevertheless cut from the same cloth. It’s an FPS MOBA (yes, it’s a MOBA, deal with it), that has more to do with player skill, team composition, and team synergy than anything else right off the bat. You can’t exactly carry in by yourself in Overwatch, but you can certainly have the most impact in a game that controls the flow to inevitably be in your favor. No Steam redeem code is ever going to make up for that knowledge.

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With this said, a lot of newbies, unfamiliar to the very nature of Blizzard games, regardless of how pro they are with shooters in general, are caught off guard when they first start off in Overwatch. There are four (4) roles to be had in Overwatch and these are Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Offense characters are generally the high-damaging heroes that have all the tools to decimate and obliterate opposing heroes. Straight up the kind of DPS role you’d expect in MMOs. Defense heroes, while not slacking in the offensive department, are more suited to control the battlefield with their many debilitating skills that can kill opponents outright, deny areas to the enemy team, or create impenetrable choke points to hinder the enemy’s progress. Tank heroes are those that specialize in being as tough as they can be, being able to take a buttload of damage and defending their allies from hostile attacks. Finally, we have the Support role that has heroes that focus on healing and buffing allies, or debuffing enemies to make it easier for them to go down.

Steam Codes: All About the Balance

Every team needs a proper balance in Overwatch or else you may be looking at an instant wipe for every team clash. 3 Reapers and 2 Genjis aren’t exactly going to get you anywhere. There’s always a need for at least one tank and one support hero, preferably a healer like Mercy or Lucio, and pretty much anything else. Like in other holy trinity games, the tank and healer are the pivotal and indispensable roles in every group. Without them, all you will have left are Offense and Defense characters that are quick to die from opponents who are well taken care of by their own tank and healer.

The point? You’ll hardly ever win with Offensive characters purely. Sure, there are going to be some of those instances where a tank-less and healer-less comp will be much more viable when fighting a specific enemy team composition, but you better know the rules first before you break them. Still pretty sad that there aren’t any Steam codes or Steam CD Key for Overwatch though. But, we can certainly dream.

Steam CD Key: Overwatch Beta Stats

Steam CD Key: Surpassing Contemporaries

Overwatch is getting released in but a few hours at the time of this writing! In celebration of its launch, let’s take a look at all the things that had transpired in the Overwatch betas through the months. Soldier: 76, unsurprisingly, is the most used offensive character in the betas, given that he’s pretty much the most basic hero in the game. To sum him up, he’s the aim-and-shoot kind of character and doesn’t require much adjusting to if you’re already a fan of the FPS genre.

Widowmaker is the most used in the defensive character category due to her superior ability to kill anything with mere suppressive sniper rifle fire. She’s a go-to standard of the FPS genre as well, along with a few different tricks up her sleeve. Reinhardt, the beta’s premiere Tank hero, proves that teamplay is obscenely important in Overwatch and that you can’t survive as the run and gunner alone. Mercy was the top support character, but that doesn’t come as a surprise considering that she’s the best healer choice, no matter how you look at it.

Steam Redeem Code: Overwatch Pre-Launch Dominance

And a staggering 9.7 million players across 190 countries joined in on the Overwatch hype. With 4.9 BILLION minutes played and more than 37 MILLION matches played, Overwatch will undoubtedly be joining the ranks of one of the most played Esports-worthy games in recent times. It also goes without saying that, even before release, it’s killed the only challenger in the FPS MOBA genre, Team Fortress 2, without even being released yet. These numbers will only grow once the game’s released tonight and may even challenge the supremacy of Call of Duty and Counter Strike as the reigning FPS in the Online Game world. The game’s even managed to gain fans who even dislike FPS games in general like yours truly. If that isn’t any measure of how good a company Blizzard is, then I don’t know what is. Sadly, there won’t be any Steam Codes for Overwatch as it will be handled exclusively through Blizzard’s own gaming platform,


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Steam Keys Esports: Daigo & Co. Dropped by Mad Catz

It has recently come to light that Mad Catz is taking a different direction with its company and may drop top tier fighting gamers Daigo Umehara, Mago, Tokido, and others, who are top Street Fighter players in the world, from company sponsorship. Rumors have it that the company is in dire straits at the moment and is in need of all of its partitioned budgets to be focused on a solitary project.

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Steam Keys Esports: The Company’s Direction

Not only that, but Mad Catz has recently announced that it will be laying off 37% of its staff in order to support its new hierarchy. With another former Mad Catz sponsored fighting gamer, Poongko, signing off on DoTA’s Team Secret, the Mad Catz hullabaloo is just further being amplified.

Daigo Umehara, one of the most, if not the most, successful individual esports athlete has been sponsored by Mad Catz for an extremely long time. Along with his contemporaries, Tokido and Mago, they are only three of the Fighting game gods of Japan that will be without any financial backing if their contracts are not renewed. The players themselves have stated that their initial contracts will end or have ended this March of 2016 and are unsure of their future with the company.

Steam Keys Esports: The Future of the Mad Catz Gods

If worse comes to worst, they will be forced to part ways with Mad Catz, however there won’t be any real difficulty in finding some other to sponsor them. Like what was earlier stated with Poongko, many Moba esports teams have been opening their doors to professional fighting gamers and they may well be picked up by other prolific teams such as Evil Geniuses, Red Bull, Razer, or maybe even Invictus Gaming. There is no shortage of teams that are willing to sponsor three of the best Street Fighter players in the world, it’s all a matter of what they will choose.

It’s in my opinion that this is going to be a grave error that Mad Catz will regret in the near future if they do not renew the contracts of their players. While the company may be flogging at the moment, it’s been famed for sponsoring Daigo Umehara and his fellow gods, and would do itself a disservice in letting that distinction go. Nothing is set in stone at the moment, so we’ll wait for further developments on that front.

For more esports news, follow Steam Keys Esports column every week for news on the latest happening in the various scenes around the globe. Check out marketplaces for cheap Steam games and Steam redeem code to get in on the action in Mobas and Fighting Games.

No Hype for Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend Steam Codes

As one of those who only owns a PC and not either a Playstation 4 or Xbox, I was anticipating the Steam Codes of Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend. Emphasis on ‘was.’ The hype in me died on the release of BBCPEX in PC because it was a little too late. ‘Little’ late is an understatement. Why? Because Japan.

Steam Codes: Japan is First

No, we are not talking about Japan being a First World Country. We are on the topic that Japan gets the first try on the fighting game I am really addicted to but still gets disappointed on the release dates for PC, or even for the consoles. There is already a new iteration of Blazblue out already in Japan arcades like for half a year advanced for them. It is called Blazblue Central Fiction. And now they are just releasing the PC version of Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend? No thanks ArcSys.

My friends and I enjoyed the times when we played BBCPEX in their houses on their gaming consoles. Hands down, the fighting game is still fun but when news broke out that there was already BBCF in Japan, we all suddenly stopped playing in anticipation for the new game. We are pretty competitive in Blazblue and we would only like to play the latest version of the game which is BBCF but Japan is the only place to play the game. So, me, personally, I would not want to go back to Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend anymore. I have watched too much match videos of Central Fiction that I actually forgot how to do combos in BBCPEX.


Steam Codes: Moving On

Sad to say, I think I might consider BBCPEX dead already. Noone wants to play it anymore. It is kind of pointless playing the  game competitively as Japanese players, being the strongest Blazblue players in the world, has already moved on to Central Fiction. We, outside of Japan, are just focused on the release of Central Fiction to immediately practice on the game and be competitive on it with the dreams of competing internationally. Sorry Arc System Works. As a PC owner and a Blazblue fan / player, I will not purchase Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend. You should change how you release new iterations / updates of the game in Japan and for the rest of the world.

Buy Steam Codes, Steam Redeem Code, and even Steam Accounts from marketplaces.