Eve Plex: Sharing Part 4

Here is the last part of a great sharing why Eve Online is one of the best games out in the market right now. If you didn’t know the part that came before this, please take a look in the list of my posts. Yeah, I would link you the other parts but this is already the last part of four parts. Anyways, hope you can relate with this guy talking about his experience and some things about some Eve Online Ships.

Eve Plex: Continuation

And it’s this level of interaction that makes this a very REAL world in a digital space. Despite all of the scientific accuracy in Elite Dangerous, you never escape the cockpit; the knowledge of being in a simulation. A false environment, no matter how believable from a distance, will never make up for the depth of and truth behind the social constructs in EVE Online.

I know this is a bit overlong for a lover letter, but I guess all I’m really trying to say is that I wish I had come here sooner, and I’ll probably be here awhile.

FINAL NOTE: Minmatar ships look like a three year old built them out of leftover Legos after his big brother used all the good pieces. (And now you will all focus on this statement instead of the story.)

POST FINAL NOTE: This is one of the first things I’ve ever posted on Reddit, and I really didn’t expect this many people to read a long ass post like this – but oh yeah, these are EVE players. Thanks guys 🙂

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It was a refreshing read when you get to realize that all of the things he said is what made me stay in Eve Online as well. It’s as if he just told my experience or read my mind and wrote all of it. Yeah, I do wish too that I did play Eve Online sooner. With all those Eve Ships, the economy, the interaction with other people, etc. Eve Online is absolutely great.

Eve Plex: Sharing Part 3

Here is the continuation of last time’s insight I shared to you guys. It might not be about Eve Plex but still interesting.

Eve Plex: Continuation

I’ve been in this corporation for about a week, and I now see why I truly hesitated at first to find one. I was looking at these corporations like they were guilds or clans from other MMOs, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. I knew they were a major part of EVE, but they’re far more than that. They’re central to the very structure of the experience. This isn’t some group of players that need other trusted people to help in raids now and then. This is an organization of loyalists with a shared vision, complete with the political complexities of interacting with other organizations – many that share a similar level of zealousness. I recognize I may have gotten lucky finding a corporation this good, but even if there are objectively better ones out there, this corporation is now my country, my birthplace, and my home.

You have neighbors. Alliances. Enemies. One day, a friendly visitor from another system started a conversation with me and we talked for a few minutes while I mined, like a next door neighbor peeking his head over the fence in your backyard just to say hi. Another day we received a war declaration and so an experienced player rounded up all of the newer pilots out to teach fleet tactics, and to practice in scrimmages.

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Don’t be like this guy


I liked the part where some stranger actually talked to him. I actually appreciate meeting and playing with strangers online in an MMORPG than just hanging around and playing with real life friends. The unexpected addition of random players in my friends list is a wonderful feeling and even if your real life friends aren’t online, you have someone to look forward to in the game aside from them. Yeah, normally those in-game friends are usually online if your real life friends are not online. I can definitely say I would buy Eve Plex for them because they keep me company when I need one.

How about you? What do you think of this part of his story? Let us know!

TF2 Trading Some Great Moments

Overwatch has “Play of the Game” feature every end of the game to let everyone see the most awesome play of the match (well not always). Some of your amazing and game changing plays won’t necessarily get to be chosen as the play of the game but get to be saved in the highlights section in the main menu. This is definitely a thumbs up on Overwatch as they credit great plays in a match. Unfortunately, Team Fortress 2 doesn’t have that. If you don’t record the entirety of your game, you can’t really predict when to record that pro move of yours. Sad, I hope Team Fortress 2 had that kind of feature as well and maybe you can post it in some TF2 Trading thread.

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TF2 Trading: The Very Least

So, without the Play of the Game feature in Team Fortress 2, I thought to myself, “how can we share our great moments in TF2?” without having to record the entirety of our gaming hours. Not to mention it will eat up all our disk space if we do that. Apparently, someone already made a post in Reddit asking people on some awesome plays or moments in Team Fortress 2:

What’s your most memorable TF2 experience, that you’ll probably look back on 10+ years from now

Mine is the time I first dominated this regular on this harvest server I frequent. He’s a beast, and is infamous on the server for being really good. Of course, I’d always get dommed by him, and after a while, I’d planned to get revenge.

So, one day, I rallied the entire team, and, as a pocket medic, I worked to support our 5 soldiers in an attempt to get a domination on him.

It look about an hour and a half, but finally, I healed a soldier who got a third consecutive kill on him, and finally…


It was the first and last domination we’ll ever get. The kick was when he said in chat

“Your still trash tho”

I still go to that server


You can comment your amazing moments here as well, but it would be more awesome if we have some kind of video to back them up. You know what they say, “Pics (or vids) or it didn’t happen.” Well at least we get to share our moments here. Maybe we can choose the most wonderful moment and give out some TF2 Items? Looking forward reading your moments, everyone!

Eve Online Ships: Sharing Part 2

Last week, I shared to you guys about someone posting a story about an interesting story but unfortunately it was only the first part. I will share to you now the next part of his story in Reddit. Read on to know more stuff from the poster about Eve Online Ships and more.

Eve Online Ships

Eve Online Ships: Continuation

Here is the continuation of his post:

Like I said, I just started EVE Online. For the first couple days, I mined to make a little bit of cash while I became familiar with the controls and let my skills gradually train up. Sure, there’s a learning curve, but once you get past the overwhelming number of icons and menus, it’s really not that difficult to figure anything out – you just have to read (I feel like a lot of people just don’t do this and that’s why people complain).

During this time, I worked on my Opportunities list. I went through each one like a checklist, learning each new dynamic of the game and becoming more impressed. But then I got to the one about joining a corporation, and I sighed. Of course I knew about corporations and that they played a major part of the game, but no matter what game I play, I like to do things on my own. It’s large part of why I’ve never gotten into any MMO (even WoW).

I selected a corporation, applied, and was accepted (I won’t tell you who because I’m not asking for a WarDec, thanks). Over the coming days I felt a genuine camaraderie that I had never experienced in a game before. Every member has personal goals, it’s true, but above all else they care about the growth and safety of the corporation as a whole. Our CEO and Directors speak with all of us about the corporation’s long term goals, and not once have they needed to directly ask or direct someone to perform a task – every member jumps at the opportunity to prove their value to the corp and they get it done.

Let us continue next time and maybe the poster will tell us more like something more about Eve and Eve Ships.