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TF2 Trading: Latest Update

Worried that Team Fortress 2 might die in any moment, I keep track of the updates of this game. If update continues to come in TF2, it will be a good sign. TF2 Trading won’t be going anywhere as well. More revenue for Valve means they will keep focus on Team Fortress 2.

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TF2 Trading: Update

Here is the news about the latest TF2 update coming from the Team Fortress 2 official website.

Team Fortress 2 Update Released

November 2, 2016 – TF2 Team

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Added the GA’lloween 2016 community event medals
  • Fixed sv_shutdown not working for community dedicated servers
    • All servers now enter hibernation state when they are empty and have no remaining work, which informs commands such as sv_shutdown
    • Added tf_allow_server_hibernation (default: 1) to allow disabling hibernation state
    • This should generally only be necessary if running server plugins that are not compatible with hibernation
    • Added sv_shutdown_cancel to cancel a pending shutdown
  • Updated the truce period during Halloween boss fights
    • Players are no longer affected by the truce when in their spawn room, allowing them to fight their way out if necessary
    • Sappers can no longer be used while a truce is active
  • Updated the “tiny” spellbook spell
    • Fixed a case where players could get outside the world
    • Fixed not switching Heavies to their melee weapon
  • Updated player destruction mode so the “Team Leader” does not heal teammates while in the Underworld
  • Fixed Halloween contract reward items not being craftable
  • Fixed Strange Human Cannonballs and Strange Battery Canteens not tracking stats
  • Fixed Casual search criteria being saved automatically while connecting to a server
  • Fixed a case where players could suicide on a pumpkin bomb to gain progress on certain Merasmissions
  • Updated the equip region for the Spine-Chilling Skull
  • Updated pl_fifthcurve_event (Brimstone)
    • Fixed exploit where players could get under the map near BLU starting area
    • Fixed exploit where players could get out of the map near graveyard
    • Fixed exploit where players could enter RED base as BLU
    • Fixed some skeletons running into lava when there are no enemies in Hell
    • Fixed medieval tiny spell & other Merasmus voice spells lasting too long for some players
    • Fixed big ghost getting stuck when map ends
    • Fixed a spot where players could get stuck if entering it under Tiny spell
    • Fixed another case of non-solid pumpkin
    • Tuned respawn time for RED team at last area
  • Updated cp_sunshine_event (Sinshine)
    • Fixed multiple visible nodraws and other texture bugs
    • Fixed nonsolid pumpkin in lobby
    • Fixed trigger bounds in RED spawn
    • Various lighting changes


It is a good time to buy TF2 Items knowing that the game is still releasing updates!

TF2 Trading: Like This Guy

Comparisons between Overwatch and Team Fortress 2 are endless. This copied this. That is better than that; they are never-ending. It’s as if you are improving TF2 Trading if you win the argument or if you make a really good comparison. No, people still compare.

TF2 Trading: The Post

Can’t we all be like this guy? He didn’t compare Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch because he just wants to clash the two. Here is the first part of his post:

 First and foremost, my credentials:

-I’ve been playing Overwatch since it came out

-I’ve been playing Team Fortress 2 for 6 years, and have over 7.5k hours on it(I know many people will already be downvoting this, but Overwatch IS heavily inspired by TF2)

My experience with Torbjorn: Personally, I haven’t spent a ton of time playing Torbjorn, despite the fact that the Engineer in TF2 was essentially my main (if not only) class. This is mainly due to the fact that I’ve been completely addicted to playing Tracer and Reinhardt. Recently I’ve tried to focus on playing Torbjorn but he seems very weak. I also haven’t seen any other players picking him in a month.

Why I think he needs a buff: It seems that his turret is extremely lackluster. It only puts out around 56 damage per second (at level 2), which is far less than most heroes. While it can still do decent sustained damage, it never seems to be sustained. The turret always seems to go down within seconds and then take AGES to be redeployed. Torbjorn seems to be focused entire around his turret (as far as his role as a defender, his armor is more of a support ability), but it seems to be countered by every single hero except for Roadhog. All the other heroes can either kill the turret in a few shots, negate all its damage, or both. Although he can put out decent damage himself with good aim, it still doesn’t match that of other heroes, and it’s only slightly improved by his ult.

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Let us continue on the 2nd part next time. Let us see if he mentions TF2 Items as well.

TF2 Trading: Competitive Comments

Team Fortress 2 is sinking more and more by the day. I haven’t heard of great news or feedbacks about the game lately. I don’t know about the news on TF2 Trading nowadays either and the only thing I found is that TF2 rank seems like it doesn’t matter that much. People have been debating if it is worth playing rank or not.

TF2 Trading: Questions

Like this player from Reddit named GaroKO. He has something to say and ask about Team Fortress 2 rank in the TF2 subreddit:

It’s been quite some time since I said f**k that mess, I’m waiting for a fixes.

  1. Any rank filters so as rank 7 I won’t get teamed with fresh meats with 50hingame
  2. or some sort of filter that takes hours spent in game and match people with similar playtime
  3. Did they do anything to quitters? Can I afraid of someone leaving match at the very last seconds of the game and loose my rank progress because of that one person?
  4. Does rank depends on skill/performance? Not when I’m on the top scoreboard, I carry whole teaam but still loose and I have to loose rank bcause my team was mann co cap noobs with 50h in game.

TF2, Team Fortress 2, TF2 Trading, TF2 Items, Competitive Mode

People replied that matchmaking isn’t fixed yet. Well, it is working but it is not a good system in people’s opinion. Higher ranks are still getting matched to those who are new and vice versa. It is not because people don’t want to play with them but the whole point of rank match is to play with people who have the same skill as you do, assuming. Players leave also and it seems that penalty isn’t that rough on those who do. There are many deterring factors and players are questioning still if it is worth playing rank in Team Fortress 2. Some do enjoy though. If I can get more TF2 items through rank, I would play the heck out of rank. It isn’t the case though. Sadly.

TF2 Trading: Tutorials

I bumped into an interesting post in the Team Fortress 2 Subreddit about tutorials. No, this is not about TF2 Trading. We are going back to the basic of tutorial and what Mami_ , the original poster, thinks of it.

TF2 Trading, TF2 Items, TF2, Team Fortress 2

TF2 Trading: Post

Here is the post of Mami_ :

I have one major gripe with the tutorials everyone is suggesting, and that is that it makes the game a pretty tough one to get in to.

Think of this; all of us have learnt on our own accord to rocket jump, sticky jump, use certain weapon combos, do certain movement techniques like sentry jumping and so on. The reason we learnt those things is because we spent hundreds if not thousands of hours mastering every single thing this engine has to offer.

Every time I see someone give tutorials, they all have the same issues:

  • They have nine different paths which can easily take up someone’s first 9 hours of gameplay
  • They teach players very convoluted techniques
  • In turn, these two things overwhelm new players which might be to a point where players are not willing to invest this time into the game

When I first started playing, I stayed because it was a very comfortable game to get in to. I wouldn’t have kept playing this game if I had to waltz through an entire single player game before I could even try multiplayer.

In turn, I think that the current tutorial isn’t actually terrible or anything.

  • It teaches basic movement
  • It teaches players to utilize secondaries and melee weapons
  • It explains the works of some of the more special classes
  • It brushes over medic’s importance

It misses a few key things of course. It doesn’t teach airblasting, crouch jumping and all those things. But should it really teach those things. Isn’t it worth it for players to experiment like we did when we just started out?

Summarized, I think that we should not over-convolute the tutorial. It could quickly make this game look like some impossible monolith to master. Even though it actually is, making it look like one could definitely scare players away.

Mami_ is right. Tutorials aren’t supposed to be difficult to understand because they should be friendly to new players taking on the game. They don’t even know that there are TF2 Items in the game. So, keep it as simplest as possible guys.


TF2 Trading: Playing Around

Since Team Fortress 2 is really losing in the first person shooting games battle, mainly against Overwatch, players have been doing a lot of other stuff in the game like tinkering with console commands and how they can make the game a little more interesting. Just like TF2 Trading, game has been so dull that’s why they just tinker with console commands.

TF2 Trading: Pretty Interesting Discovery

Like perrywinklefinn, he played around console commands and shared with us in Reddit his interesting discovery:

I was messing around with some new custom arm animations for the engineer on tr_walkway when I noticed that I had 2 sentries. Here is how to replicate this: – step 1: open the console and type “sv_allow_point_servercommand always” – step 2: laod tr_walkway (I haven’t tested every map but so far tr_walkway is the only map where I got this to work, I think it may have something to do with tr_walkway not having any setup timer at the start). – step 3: build a sentry, this can be a mini sentry or a normal sentry. You can upgrade it as much as you like. – step 4: go into options-video options-advanced and open the drop down box for ‘high dynamics range’ to something other than what it is already set to. – step 5: click apply, it will want to reload the map. Once the map is reloaded the original sentry should still be there but the game doesn’t count it as your sentry, so you can go and build another one. – step 6: repeat steps 5 and 6 as much as you want to have infinite sentries!!

Note: this will work with all engineer buildings but when you restart the map the teleporters don’t stay synced to each other, they just sit there.

TF2 Trading, TF2 items, TF2, Team Fortress 2

All images regarding his post can be found here.

I wonder if there are commands that can affect TF2 Items in the game as well. Hopefully there are more of this to come.

TF2 Trading: Not a Good Experience, Everytime

It is not fun to play a team game, like Team Fortress 2, if the people in your team don’t have sense of, uh, teamwork. No, not fun at all. Those people who don’t want to switch to a needed role even though they are two of their chosen role. Causing you headache all day. Another is those people who don’t respond to team strategy. “Hey, that dude seems to be the best among the enemy team. Maybe we should focus fire him.” “Nah, I will hit whoever I want to hit.” Oh, my blood pressure. Why are there such people in Team Fortress 2? Well it’s not exclusive to TF2 but, why on the game I am playing? If there’s a headache remedy in TF2 Trading / Market, I would like to purchase a lifetime supply.

TF2 Trading: Feel My Pain

Petlast from TF2 Subreddit seems to be feeling my pain on this subject:

2013 recruit, not as experienced as some of you but skilled enough to want to play with people who want to coordinate. And over the past few weeks with the difficulty of getting into casual servers with friends I started looking for decent players to hang out with.

I’ve been to about a hundred community servers over the past two weeks trying to find a decent group to have any sort of regular game with, but I’ve yet to find any. Each server I go to has no communication, no coordination, organization, or consideration for any type of “team” action, whether it be pushing, healing, or defending. Voice chat is horrendous, from squeakers who won’t shut up to people who talk to themselves like they’re doing a let’s play. Have communities on TF2 always been this frustrating?

I’m at my wit’s end. I just want to play a game with people who can strategize and have fun. Is this hidden somewhere I can’t find?

TF2 Trading, TF2 Items, TF2, Team Fortress 2

I am not saying that there are no decent players in the game but if you encounter these selfish people, really ruins your day. TF2 items won’t remedy the headaches and nightmares of experiences like these.

I’m sure you experienced this like Petlast and I. Share your past experience with us!

TF2 Market Team Composition, Please

Okay, I called it. I knew that team composition for people will still be insignificant even after the meet your match. These kids that have so many hats because their moms bought them for them in the TF2 Market whenever they have tantrums will stay stubborn as fuck whether it be casual quick play or in competitive mode. Yeah, team composition is not important for them and apparently, they don’t care if they like losing for like, forever. Yeah, I predicted it and I think with what I’m about to share will actually confirm it.

TF2 Market Kids

While I was just reading some good posts in Reddit about how Team Fortress 2 has become somewhat active again because of the new patch, I came across this thread about some stupid pubs (snipers and spies) not wanting to change roles for defense. Here is the photo of the poster:

TF2 Market, Trade TF2, TF2, Team Fortress 2

Yeah, if someone is asking you nicely, you should at least not be an asshole right? But no, this individual was so cool that he had to reply with such douchery.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think snipers and spies are strong in Team Fortress 2 but they are not the ideal roles to play on defense. In addition, I assume this is a pub. Original poster must have solo queued and got teamed up with this douchebag. So yeah, one should expect that these pubs aren’t any good. If you are, great! But we ain’t expecting you to be so kindly switch, right? Common sense.

I really feel for IFuckSJWsDaily since you know, he has common sense getting grouped up with people who don’t have. In addition, the desire to win was non-existent for those, again, kids. Losing isn’t fun and without good team composition, you are bound to lose. I really do hope these kinds of people stay in the quick play mode because for sure they will be a pain in the ass in competitive mode. If that happens, yeah, I would definitely trade TF2 for another fps game.

TF2 Trading: Improvement

Competitive mode has been out for quite some time now and Team Fortress 2 players encounter some problems with regards to being able to compete properly in the new mode. For sure, any casual player like me who thinks more about TF2 trading, gets surprised on how to play competitively despite of the good performance we do in the casual quick play games. So yeah, competitive mode is a whole new arena for us and self-doubt is inevitable.

TF2 Trading: How to Improve

It all starts with the drive to improve. If you don’t have any of that, you will never survive or even enjoy the times you go into competitive play. First step is to accept you are not doing good then afterwards would be searching ways on how to improve. One way to search on how to improve is by asking people (or anyone really) for tips and tricks. Like this guy in Reddit, hajjr6 asked the TF2 Reddit on how he can improve his play with spy and engineer:

My best classes are shit (spy and engi) and anytime I play another class I do awful. I don’t know what to do, and I’m so fed up. Whenever I play Engi or spy in casual, I do extremely well.

Fortunately, someone answered him properly by commenting this:

As spy start working on revolver aim, stock revolver can do a decent 35-40 or so damage at mid range, and crits for 120. the big earner is one of the better sidegrades for its quick speed and combined with the deadringer can get you in to stab and out in no time at all. also, practice on baiting people with the deadringer, keep them distracted finding you and learn ammo locations to keep it up consistently, try for 3-4 deadrings every life or more

For engineer practice shotgun aim, shotgun spread is rather tight and with fast shot speed can do rather well close range on people whom might not notice you. running gunslinger is almost a must, for added health to survive and fast mini sentries for extra DPS. stock pistol for long range

TF2 Trading, TF2 Items, TF2, Team Fortress 2

With this, hajjr6 is on his way to improvement. How about you, do you need to improve? TF2 items will do nothing for you. Be like hajjr6. Ask away!

TF2 Trading: Last Part

Last time I shared to you, TF2 players and TF2 trading people, the last part of an amazing story about LoopsCode who achieved his dream with the help of actually playing Team Fortress 2.

TF2 Trading: Some Last Words

Well, we finished reading his story but he has some parting words and actually the moral of his own story. Here it goes:

So this is my story of how TF2 helped me achieved my dream of getting a job in Silicon Valley.

The lesson I learned is – just be a good person. Be a good person even under the veil of anonymity. You don’t know when it will bite you in the butt, or when it will literally help you achieve your dreams. Just do it!

tl;dr air shots and med picks achieve dreams

EDIT: I swear I wouldn’t do these type of “front page EDITs”, but damn, I woke up to 800 upvotes and a gild. Thank you all so much for receiving this so well. Frankly, I was pretty happy when I got 10 upvotes.. I’ll try my best to respond to each and every one of your comments, but if I miss you, I apologize 🙂

TF2 Trading, TF2 items, TF2, Team Fortress 2


This guy is very humble indeed. You know you will get so many blessings if you stay humble and do what you do.

There is one comment that I would like to highlights and it came from Jordanis. He said:

“The lesson here, folks, is make some friends.”

That’s true. You play an online game and just make an enemy out of every person you see won’t do you any good. Be humble and friendly always. Who knows, one of those people you bump to might be the closest one you will ever be. Which Kepgnar got right:

“Indeed, “playing TF2” didn’t get you the job, “knowing someone who worked there” got you the job. “playing TF2” helped you develop and demonstrate the skills to back up your referral.

Which seems to be the best way to get in somewhere, almost always.”

So yeah, whether it be giving away TF2 Items or just being friendly, the lesson is be good to everyone you meet and stay that way.

TF2 Market: Good Story Pt. 4

Last time I shared with you the third part of a very nice story. Here is the fourth part for you guys to enjoy as Team Fortress 2 fans and active TF2 market patrons.

TF2 Market: Continuation

I arrived at their office a few weeks later in beautiful California. I went through the rounds of interviews starting at 9 AM. After the seven and a half hours of interviews, of testing me everything from algorithms, data structures, building simple apps, asking me questions about design/UX/UI, career motivations, culture fit questions, and more, it was over. I was emotionally/physically/mentally exhausted, but I felt good. I even got to meet Messiah in person for the first time in two years, and he gave me a TF2 shirt. Even after meeting him in person, I still can’t put a face to his voice from Mumble. It’s just too unreal.

After I flew home, I went through one more phone technical interview with them, just to get more data. Considering they are a data analytics company, that made a lot of sense.

So after around 11+ combined hours of interviews, one day, my now-boss called me to extend me an offer. It was my first offer, from a company of my dreams, and after all those rejections! I don’t think happiness described it. After literally nine months of rejections after rejections, of reviewing those excruciating data structures and algorithms questions (which takes time away from me from developing great applications), of waking up knowing I still don’t have a job while friends around me were getting offers – it was finally over. It actually took me three days to fully process the mental load that it’s over.

I achieved my dream, but I didn’t do it alone. Playing TF2 actually helped me achieve my dream. Thank you Messiah, Borat, and the rest of the team for being such good people. I honestly can say I couldn’t have done it without them!

TF2 Market, Trade TF2, TF2, Team Fortress 2

Wow, Team Fortress 2 isn’t just a game. TF2 can teach some lessons that can be applied in real life. Amazing story. Trade TF2 or not, it’s still a great game. Hope you enjoyed this story by LoopsCode and learned something!