Bullet Hell

Difficult Steam Keys for your Steam Account – Part 2

Continued from Part 1!

Steam Keys: The Five Games Continued


Ikaruga can be defined in two simple words: Bullet Hell. Games in these genres are maddeningly difficult due to the incessant amount of “bullets” flying around your screen as you attempt to avoid them and shoot down enemies in return. There are tons of other games on Steam under this genre, like Jamestown, but Ikaruga sets itself apart from the others with its notorious difficulty and steep learning curve.

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Bullet Hells are easy to get the hang of eventually, but Ikaruga’s twist is going to ensure that that is not going to happen with you any time soon. All bullets are either black or white and your ship can switch between black and white. Only bullets of the opposite color can destroy your ship, e.g. you can tank white bullets if your ship is white.  In addition, hitting enemies with the opposite color inflicts double damage.

It’s… overwhelming. Give it a try and you’ll get a run for your money.

Super Meat Boy

This game. This freaking game. Super Meat Boy has been the poster child for difficult games for a while now. It starts off simple enough but quickly ramps up the frustration to insane levels, so much so that you can find videos on YouTube of people  suffering through the game while screaming their heads off in rage. Yet even so, it’s all strangely addicting.

The fun of Super Meat Boy really comes down to two simple things: 1) the movement is slick and responsive so you know that every mistake was truly your own fault, and 2) the respawn after death is instant, which leaves no time for you to even consider quitting. Success is always just within reach, making it that much more infuriating when you fail.

But it’s a good kind of fury – the kind that floods your veins with endorphins when you finally succeed. And that’s why we play games like this, isn’t it?

Dark Souls

This is the game that revitalized the wonders of the idea of an extremely difficult game. It’s Dark Souls! Which game? Take your pick; there are a couple lying around on Steam that you could buy for a steal. Wait for a flash sale or maybe the next big sale to get them. You certainly will not be disappointed.

If you’ve no idea how this game plays as, think of Monster Hunter meets Warhammer; a vestige of high, dark fantasy that’s been near non-existent in modern times with a dead simple control system. Fight gigantic monsters, undead humans, and a whole bunch of other stuff in this medieval, post-apocalyptic world. Every encounter, even with just grunts, can be an absolutely brutal experience. Dark Souls isn’t the first in its name though as it is only the spiritual successor of the game, Demons’ Souls released on the Playstation 3, though both are still from the same developer, Fromsoftware.

Don’t mind the accusations of overhyping; the Steam keys are damned well worth the price tag. Which Dark Souls? Take your pick; you won’t be disappointed.


Steam Codes Spotlight: Enter The Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is a game in the form of classic Bullet Hells, but in dungeons! There haven’t been many to put two invariably separate genres together, especially considering that Bullet Hells are done in spacious, fast-paced, and linear stage tracks while Dungeoneering is especially more focused on quiet strategy and exploration of labyrinthine networks. Again, it really isn’t something people marry together, but it’s an interesting concept entirely.

Steam Codes Pick – Weaving Unlikeliness

You pick one of several characters that each have unique stats, weapon specialties, and abilities. But the best and greatest character in Enter the Gungeon is… wait for it…. the bullet. Yep, you heard it right folks; you can play as a bullet shooting bullets at other bullets that shoot bullets at other bullets. Bulletception. But the best part about this character is that he actually starts with, and I kid you not, a sword. Called Blasphemy. Cuz, you know, he’s a bullet using a sword. With every character being just as interesting or even more than the last, Enter the Gungeon has that one character everyone is going to love.

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The “Gungeon” itself, the playing field, is an ever-evolving landscape that have been meticulously designed and hand-drawn, but, at the same time, procedurally generating new rooms and landscapes based on the performance of players. While everyone starts out in the same area, the next few rooms will be different on how fast, how good, and what method you dispatched foes with in the previous areas. There’s no similar experience for each playthrough and things just get harder and harder. The game will easily pick up if you’re too good.

Steam Codes Pick – OMG STUFF!

Again, even though it’s bullet hell gameplay, the strongest dungeon element in this game is that there is actual progression, shops, currency, and equipment you have to manage, akin to old school dungeoneering games like Legend of Zelda or Alundra. With tons of hidden rooms and secret treasures, there’s just so much content to be had in Enter the Gungeon. What makes this ever more awesome is that there’s actual multiplayer that you can partake in. Unfortunately, you can only connect via LAN as the game does not support online at the moment.

The best part, however, is that Enter the Gungeon subscribes to the Diablo and Borderlands philosophy of HOLYCRAPLOTSOFLOOT. It’s undeniable that loot-based games have a powerful pull on our psyches. With hundreds upon hundreds of guns to be looted, bought, or stolen, Enter the Gungeon will keep you busy for hours on end with its amazing looting system.

Unleash everything from the tried and true medley of missiles, lasers, and cannonballs to the bizarrely effective volley of rainbows, fish, foam darts, and bees! Yep, bees.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up

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