Dead by Daylight Review Part 1 – Steam Codes Spotlight

The 80’s horror thematic has been relatively untouched in recent years save for a few games like Until Dawn on consoles. While it’s an amazing game, it, sadly, has no Steam codes to speak of, so we connoisseurs of this relatively campy genre had to wait for a good long while. And, who would have thought that we’d be getting two of these at the same time? While Friday the 13th is backed by a gloriously powerful IP, Dead by Daylight is no slouch at all with a very unique multiplayer experience that still retains the essence of dread and terror we felt from those very same 80’s movies.

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Steam Codes: Dead by Daylight in a Nutshell

The game, at its core, is very simple: It’s essentially Evolve in reverse. A player controlled serial killer hunts down 4 other players who take on the role of prey and/or victims as the latter attempt to outmaneuver, outwit, and escape the former. In a map, there are basically five generators that the teens must activate in order to open up the exit doors, enabling them to claim victory over the serial killer. But this does take a lot of time and skill, as well as taking on the numerous quick time events that come along with starting a generator. Failing to do a couple of QTEs will blow a fuse in the generator, making it even more difficult for survivors to escape. In fact, this even alerts the serial killer player to their location and can make it much more impossible to start said generators in peace.

What about the serial killer? Well, all he has to do is, uh, kill them. It’s a wee bit more complicated than it sounds because the players that play the killer have their own mechanics and rules to follow, as if they were playing a different game all entirely. In true 80’s horror fashion, the killer is, of course, unkillable, and has the odd ability to chase down healthy survivors with ease despite the essentially permanent dread walk from the likes of Jason and other noteworthy antagonists. However, just like Jason and other antagonists, killers have a lot of trouble navigating small and narrow spaces like windows, corridors, and is easily stopped by simple, makeshift blockages in paths. Killers also have to play in the first person, unlike the prey who play in third person, giving the former a narrower field of view. Killing a survivor isn’t as simple as lopping off their heads, but killers must rely on a “bleed out” mechanic in order to fully eliminate a player. They can either wait for it where they struck down the survivor or hang them by a meat hook in your “safe” space, but will essentially have to wait it out. They can be rescued at any point if they’re not too careful, putting them back into the game.

It makes for tense games, with on-the-fly decision making and rounds filled with do-or-die moments, each of which gives every game a climactic feel: you either escape or you get horribly killed. There’s an astonishing feeling of dread when you’re being hunted: the killer projects a blood red vision cone showing where they’re looking, and seeing that creep up on you – as well as hearing the the chase theme that suddenly begins to intensify as they get closer – is creepy and unnerving. Willing to purchase the Steam codes or not, Just seeing the killer is enough to spook even experienced players: they move quickly, but are animated as to appear to be doing the Michael Myers walk, looming not running, and their sheer size projects an air of hideous inevitability should you be caught. Bit by bit, this is looking great to get a Steam redeem code for it, isn’t it?

Continued in the next part.


Dead by Daylight Review Part 2 – Redeem Code Spotlight

Continued from Dead by Daylight Review Part 1 – Steam Codes Spotlight

At its very core, Dead by Daylight is scary as scary can be. With randomly generated maps, teams will be using the environment to their advantage as killers will bypass them completely though their menacing looms and larger-than-life unpredictability. It’s a series of fear-driven encounters that have both sides running frantically to outwit each other. While it’s a great game, this sort of gameplay is weak against developing metas, as with most competitive games. Well, just think about it; you’re playing as a lone killer against a team of well coordinated survivors – you are definitely going to lose.

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Right now, the survivors definitely have the greater advantage over the killers. Though, one could also say that killers are underpowered instead, but it still shows that fights against coordinated survivor teams or even just from well-experienced players make the game a bit too one-sided. With the meta of the game right now, the slow movement speed of killers are easily exploited and outclassed by the clear advantages of survivors. Though killers have their own sets of abilities to tip the scales in their favor, it still feels like they are too underpowered for their own good.

Other issues also grate, particularly the fact that at every turn the survivors get second chances, from needing to be hit twice, to (potentially) wriggling free of your grasp when carrying them to a more advantageous spot, to the speed at which the survivors can free others from the meathooks you hang them on to kill them. Visually, it can often appear very muddy and washed out, which isn’t great for spotting or tracking targets (if you’re looking for someone who’s been downed you can forget it).

The progression system in the game could use a little more work as well. Akin to the system in place for Payday, players get some xp and perks after every match, like a slight, but permanent, boost to move speed, but it isn’t so much that it will help a lot in the long run. It’s pretty shallow at the moment but, of course, this could change in the future. The game is great overall and the sense of dread is authentically amazing that you’ll be able to dismiss some of the glaring problems at its core for quite some time. Given a bit more time to develop, this could turn out to be a good staple of gaming like the Left 4 Dead series. Here’s to hoping.

Redeem Codes: Is it Worth it?

So, should you buy it? It’s great but not great enough for you to blow your money on PC redeem code or Xbox redeem code right this instant. It’s more worth it if you just wait for a sale.

10 Bundles to Get in the Steam Summer Sale Part 2 – Redeem Code

The continuation of our 10 Bundles guide for the Steam Summer Sale!

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6. Assassin’s Creed Bundle Redeem Code

Ubisoft is Ubisoft; sometimes they’re evil and other times… they’re as evil as EA. But the Assassin’s Creed franchise is undeniably one of the best IPs in modern gaming. These games don’t always go on sale, so if you get a chance or are even remotely interested in picking up the series, I suggest that you go for the Assassin’s Creed bundle that goes for a meager $62.96 considering the amount of content in it. Don’t worry; Unity’s mostly fixed now, so go nuts and get to know the assassins of yore through this redeem code.

7. Serious Sam Franchise Redeem Codes

Like, holy crap, $10 for the Serious Sam complete pack. Serious Sam is a solid FPS classic that should not be ignored by the shooter aficionado. Furious first-person shooting, relatively fast paced movement, and tons of crazy enemies make this IP old but still gold. This bundle has EVERYTHING you would possibly ever want or need from the Serious Sam franchise. With a jaw-dropping 90% discount, I’m not even sure why you still even want to mull over if you are buying this classic or not.

8. Borderlands Steam Keys!

Borderlands. Enough said. Also, redeem code.

The most awesome shoot-and-loot franchise is on a nutter sale at just $21.53. The Borderlands triple pack consists of the original Borderlands and its DLC, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

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What’s even crazier than that? The Borderlands “Take over your life” bundle offers all of those above but has the addition of the Tales from the Borderlands from Telltale games. Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones – ring any bells? Yes, the solidly fantastic story driven Tales game rounds up your Borderlands experience nicely with only an increased cost of $4.67. In my opinion, it’s the latter that’s more worth it. Tons of content and many different games; can’t go wrong here.

9. Telltale Bundle Redeem Codes

Like I mentioned earlier, Telltale is just amazing at story telling. Don’t like the rest of the Borderlands series but like the storybook gameplay of Tales from the Borderlands? Well, you can skip all that and just get the Telltale bundle redeem code that has all the Telltale classics and modern gems to sate your story pangs.

This bundle isn’t exactly cheap as it’s going for the price of $82.84, but with the crapton of games in it, you will absolutely get your money’s worth – I guarantee it.

10. Homeworld bundle Steam Redeem Code

Okay, this final bundle doesn’t include games with 70-plus percent discounts or massive packaged savings. But Homeworld Remastered and Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak redeem codes are both stellar RTS games worthy of rebooting the legendary PC-centric Homeworld series, and if you buy them as a bundle, Gearbox will knock another 10 percent off the top of the 50 percent discounts being applied to both games. Both can be yours for $38.23 total—a meager price for some top-shelf strategy action. (If you’re looking for even more fine RTS gameplay, Ashes of the Singularity is on sale for 50 percent off during the Summer Sale, too.)

And that’s it! Happy redeem code hunting, everybody!

Steam Codes: Things To Remember in Every Overwatch Match

Getting into a new game is always daunting, especially when it is competitive in nature like League of Legends, CS:GO, DotA, and, of course, Overwatch. Unlike MOBAs of today’s popularity, Overwatch isn’t exactly the same, but nevertheless cut from the same cloth. It’s an FPS MOBA (yes, it’s a MOBA, deal with it), that has more to do with player skill, team composition, and team synergy than anything else right off the bat. You can’t exactly carry in by yourself in Overwatch, but you can certainly have the most impact in a game that controls the flow to inevitably be in your favor. No Steam redeem code is ever going to make up for that knowledge.

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With this said, a lot of newbies, unfamiliar to the very nature of Blizzard games, regardless of how pro they are with shooters in general, are caught off guard when they first start off in Overwatch. There are four (4) roles to be had in Overwatch and these are Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Offense characters are generally the high-damaging heroes that have all the tools to decimate and obliterate opposing heroes. Straight up the kind of DPS role you’d expect in MMOs. Defense heroes, while not slacking in the offensive department, are more suited to control the battlefield with their many debilitating skills that can kill opponents outright, deny areas to the enemy team, or create impenetrable choke points to hinder the enemy’s progress. Tank heroes are those that specialize in being as tough as they can be, being able to take a buttload of damage and defending their allies from hostile attacks. Finally, we have the Support role that has heroes that focus on healing and buffing allies, or debuffing enemies to make it easier for them to go down.

Steam Codes: All About the Balance

Every team needs a proper balance in Overwatch or else you may be looking at an instant wipe for every team clash. 3 Reapers and 2 Genjis aren’t exactly going to get you anywhere. There’s always a need for at least one tank and one support hero, preferably a healer like Mercy or Lucio, and pretty much anything else. Like in other holy trinity games, the tank and healer are the pivotal and indispensable roles in every group. Without them, all you will have left are Offense and Defense characters that are quick to die from opponents who are well taken care of by their own tank and healer.

The point? You’ll hardly ever win with Offensive characters purely. Sure, there are going to be some of those instances where a tank-less and healer-less comp will be much more viable when fighting a specific enemy team composition, but you better know the rules first before you break them. Still pretty sad that there aren’t any Steam codes or Steam CD Key for Overwatch though. But, we can certainly dream.

Steam Codes Guides: DCUO Speedster Racing Tips 1

Steam Codes: Racing in the DC World

Us DCUO fans know that the more feats (achievements) you obtain, the more skill points you have. What better way to make use of your time than to knock out the harder achievements early?

steam codes, redeem steam code, steam cd keys 2

The speedster races are, in my opinion, the hardest types of racing when compared to flying, acrobatics, and skimming. This is because of the inherent difficulty in properly controlling your movement. Make one wrong keypress and you’ll suddenly find yourself scaling the side of a wall on another building two blocks over from your intended area. It can be seriously that annoying.

Steam Codes Tips

Without further ado, below are a few tips to make your life easier when attempting to complete the Gotham and Metropolis super speed races:

  1. Important to your speed as a speedster is the skill called “Speed Force” obtainable upon reaching level 9. It isn’t necessary to complete all the races in Gotham and Metropolis, but it certainly is a huge advantage, especially if you’re trying to make up for a huge time deficit.
  2. Related to the first number, there are two Feats for you to obtain as a speedster that require you to have NO points invested in your movement ability tree. This means that you can’t have Speed Force and, therefore, cannot use it. You must achieve a Platinum score in an Expert race for one of the feats, and another Platinum must be achieved for an Adept race as the other. Like it was stated earlier, you can definitely finish ANY race without using Speed Force, there is just less room for error because you don’t have an insane speed-up option. It’s these feats that will teach you self-control and proper management of your speedster, as well as honing your reaction time and memorization.
  3. Patience! Most often than not, you’ll fail races that are adept level and higher for the first few times. Don’t be discouraged; it’s really meant to be that way. The only way to beat a tough course is if you know it like the back of your hand. Finish the course without the use of speed force for the first few times; get to know it well. Be familiar with everything like how to jump from a certain slope or when to stop at certain points, or pretty much any other technique you can develop to help you out on the track.

Continued on the next part.

If you enjoy DCUO and other action MMOs, you might want to check out tons of cheap Steam codes and Steam cd key at game marketplaces. You can even find great places to redeem Steam codes at this site for the lowest prices and the best deals.



Using Kinect for an Xbox Redeem Code

Using Kinect for an Xbox Redeem Code

Xbox Kinect can be use to read your Xbox redeem codes for easy access. Not only can they scan QR codes from your regular redeem codes, but they can also redeem gift cards, give aways, and pretty much anything with a QR code related to your Xbox One.

To begin scanning the QR code, all you have to do is use the voice command, “Xbox, use a code.” This will then cause your Kinect to activate and start scanning the room it is located in. Simply hold up your Xbox redeem code or redeem gift card up in front of the Kinect camera and it will automatically read and, well, redeem, your Xbox redeem code. Whatever it is you have purchased the code for, your Xbox One will download it immediately if connected to the internet. Naturally, make sure that your net connection is not interrupted. However, even if it is, you can simply start it up again with no worries. Do note that the marvelous technology of the Kinect enables it to see QR codes up to 6 feet from its camera.

Use a QR Code Generator

Now, if you happen to have an Xbox redeem code that is in the form of a 25 digit string to manually input and you don’t like that method, you could always visit legitimate and trustworthy sites that will transform your 25 digit code into a QR code for some easy Kinect scanning. You can print out this QR code or simply use your smartphone to show to the Kinect camera.

The Old Fashioned Way

xbox redeem code, redeem codes, redeem gift card 1

As it was explained in an earlier article, you can also use the old fashioned way of entering an Xbox Redeem Code. Again, it can be confusing for a first timer, so we can’t really blame you for not finding it immediately. Go to Apps and select “Use a Code” in the menu system. Just scroll to the right until you find that bit. Once there, all you really have to do is enter the 25 digit code and you’re golden.

For more Xbox redeem codes and gift cards, be sure to visit PlayerAuctions for all your code needs.

No Such Thing as A Free Meal (Redeem Code)

Free PSN redeem codes or any other kind of free redeem code simply does not exist. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about: “PSN Redeem Code generator” or “XBox Live Codes for free!” Yeah, those kinds of things.

All of these are nothing but scams. Most of the time, these kinds of sites will trick you into giving up your personal information or automatically subscribing you to some useless SMS scam. You’ll then suddenly find out that you either have a lot of bills to pay or your credit card’s been hijacked. Don’t be fooled by these.

The Redeem Code Rip Off

To give an example, the image below shows what a typical scam site of a “redeem code generator” looks like:

redeem code, psn redeem codes, scam

It’s natural that we’d first be suspicious of the site, so we tend to look at them closer. You’ll most often find “certified” marks on their page that are clearly visible and/or claims that they’ve been voted or rated highly by some internet website that you also don’t know. There are even ratings for the particular item you’re looking for even though there’s no real way to rate it for yourself.

All of these are just images posted on the site to make it look legit and lull you into a false sense of security. When you do decide to “generate” a code, they’ll most likely require you to share the page with a number of folks on your social media. You’ll then just be spreading the plague.

After a bunch of other steps, they’ll make you take stupid surveys before finally asking for your personal information. The most popular one they ask you for is your mobile phone number, which they will then use to subscribe to expensive apps and other subscriptions that will be of no use to you. It goes without saying that you should NEVER give your CC information to any of these sites. If you do that, then GG, you’re screwed. Cancel your credit card immediately and inform the bank of what happened. They’ll get things sorted out, but it’ll cause a huge hassle for you.

Remember, there are no such things as free redeem codes; there are only cheap ones. If you do ever need anything from PSN redeem codes to Xbox Live subs that are legit, fast, and, most importantly, safe, head off to trusted marketplaces rather than succumbing to these scams.


How To Use an Xbox Redeem Code – The Debacle!

The Xbox Redeem Code Debacle!

The interface of the Xbox One, while awesome to look at, won’t be winning any awards soon. The old interface, the initial one at launch, was an awful mess to be completely honest. You could hardly find where to redeem your codes, much less other things not directly about gaming. But the new interface hasn’t done it any favors either.

xbox redeem code, redeem codes, redeem gift card 1

To be honest, we’re only doing this to help you guys. Back during the era of the Xbox 360 era, it was way easy! Hit the guide button, you go over there, and just hit the “Redeem Code” option. That was it! But, no, the Xbox One has to be a fickle bastard, a confusing one at that, and cause a lot of pain for folks that just wanted to use their Xbox Redeem Code.

For half an hour, I was just lolling around my Xbox One interface with literally no idea what I was doing or looking for. Finally, however, I found exactly how to do it. Now, why the tutorial, you ask? Well, this is to help the folks out there that don’t want to waste their time trying to figure out the pointlessness for themselves. This way, you save a lot of time and frustration.

So, here it is. To use your Xbox redeem code go to the top of your Xbox One dashboard and put your cursor highlight on the “Store” tab. This will then collapse into smaller tabs and choose the “Games” tab. Scroll down to “Browse All Games” that is located right beside the “Search All Games” bar.

Once on the Browse All Games interface, head back up to the top of the page and slide to the right and click on the “Use a Code” tab. Once there, you can choose to either use a QR code to scan on your kinect or use the 25 digit Xbox redeem code you have. It’s that simple although it can be initially frustrating at first.

Certainly, Microsoft has designed the Xbox with a very fancy interface that is sleek, smooth, pleasing to the eyes, and minimalist. It’s an awesome aesthetic design, but has horrid ergonomic properties. It takes a bunch of tries and a whole lot of patience for people just to use their redeem codes or redeem gift cards because of an oddly illogically structured user interface.

If you need any other Xbox Redeem Code, redeem gift cards, or any other sorts of redeem codes, be sure to check out PlayerAuctions for all your gaming needs.