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No Hype for Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend Steam Codes

As one of those who only owns a PC and not either a Playstation 4 or Xbox, I was anticipating the Steam Codes of Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend. Emphasis on ‘was.’ The hype in me died on the release of BBCPEX in PC because it was a little too late. ‘Little’ late is an understatement. Why? Because Japan.

Steam Codes: Japan is First

No, we are not talking about Japan being a First World Country. We are on the topic that Japan gets the first try on the fighting game I am really addicted to but still gets disappointed on the release dates for PC, or even for the consoles. There is already a new iteration of Blazblue out already in Japan arcades like for half a year advanced for them. It is called Blazblue Central Fiction. And now they are just releasing the PC version of Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend? No thanks ArcSys.

My friends and I enjoyed the times when we played BBCPEX in their houses on their gaming consoles. Hands down, the fighting game is still fun but when news broke out that there was already BBCF in Japan, we all suddenly stopped playing in anticipation for the new game. We are pretty competitive in Blazblue and we would only like to play the latest version of the game which is BBCF but Japan is the only place to play the game. So, me, personally, I would not want to go back to Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend anymore. I have watched too much match videos of Central Fiction that I actually forgot how to do combos in BBCPEX.


Steam Codes: Moving On

Sad to say, I think I might consider BBCPEX dead already. Noone wants to play it anymore. It is kind of pointless playing the  game competitively as Japanese players, being the strongest Blazblue players in the world, has already moved on to Central Fiction. We, outside of Japan, are just focused on the release of Central Fiction to immediately practice on the game and be competitive on it with the dreams of competing internationally. Sorry Arc System Works. As a PC owner and a Blazblue fan / player, I will not purchase Blazblue Chronophantasma Extend. You should change how you release new iterations / updates of the game in Japan and for the rest of the world.

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Steam Codes: Is Street Fighter V Worth Investing On?

Street Fighter V has been release for over a month or two now. Thousands and thousands of people bought the game but have different opinions on the fighting game.  So the question is, is Street Fighter V worth investing time on? You don’t have to resort to buy Steam Codes for another game for that one.

Steam Codes: Question

Someone from Reddit, AxelTheEternalBlood, asked about the topic:

“SFV is a great fighting game, awesome gameplay and cool characters but that’s where it stops for me. None of the characters have me interested in maining them. Alex will be the first one in V to get me invested in the game. Gonna main him but until then I just can’t play it. I don’t have a connection with any of the characters when I play. Also, another issue is that while being on PS4, I came from the FPS scene. So all my old friends just don’t play Fighters. So I was hoping to find some guys to play with on PSN. PSN:AxelTheEternal. CFN ID:Siegmund. Thanks.”

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Honestly, when Axel mentioned “SFV is a great fighting game”, the main question of “is SFV worth investing time on” was answered. Street Fighter V is a fighting game, enough said. No going beyond that. Adding the “awesome gameplay” he pertained plus the “cool characters”, those are bonuses for a fighting game. In my opinion, if you are not going to compete in tournaments and just a fan of fighting games, then maybe don’t invest too much time on it. But if you have competitive drive like me and winning games against other competitive people is a major high for me, then you need to be breathing SFV every second of your free time.

Street Fighter V will be the first SF iteration I will be playing seriously. I mentioned this because Alex said he has no connection with any of the characters in the game. Yeah true, it will be contributing to your enjoyment if you play the character you have a connection to it but for me, what’s important is you have connection on the game itself. Truth be told, even if you have this insane love for your character, sooner or later, you will be wanting to try other characters as well. Whether it be because you’re sick and tired of your main character or you want to know the strengths and weaknesses of the other characters, the point is, you will be using other characters. So no point on dwelling about having no any connection on any available characters in Street Fighter V.

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