Tf2 trading – Kinds of Shooters

Tf2 trading is on the brink of extinction so as the tf2 market.

The hyped game right now – overwatch, probably came from the concept of team fortress. Team fortress has these basic characters like tank, damage, sniper, support characters. In overwatch, we can see similar characters too: tank, snipers, damage, and support. The only difference is, overwatch has different versions of these characters. Take for example mercy and lucio, these folks are both healers but works differently. On the other hand, in team fortress, the only support character is the medic. With massive pool of characters, it makes overwatch more complex than team fortress.

Team fortress, battleborne and overwatch created a new kind of first person shooter. Counter strike is classic and it is way too different than overwatch, although, it falls in the same genre. It is like the different kinds of monkeys. There are gorillas; there are baboons. They are different, but still falls in the same category of monkeys.

Tf2 trading – Battle Arena

Not sure what to call the genre of the likes of team fortress 2 and overwatch, for the time being let’s call it ‘battle arena.’

Battle arena is a kind of first person shooter where there are character classes. And it is centered in objectives not kills.

Unlike the classic first person shooters, the players re-spawn constantly which make this genre more addictive because you don’t have to wait.



Counter strike is classic. A game is composed of rounds. Each round players are only given with one life with 100 HP, lose it and you have to wait until the next round.

Classic first person shooters barely focus on the objective or more like they utilize objective to get kills.


Another kind of first person shooter is the likes of battlefield. The goal is to capture bases. Moreover, players can ride things like tank and humvee.

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