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Now that there is a competitive mode in Team Fortress 2, the game’s play or meta changes. Team Fortress 2 was more of a casual game but now that competitive mode is one of the game’s mode, players should be more aware on how to cope with other players thus the importance of team composition. There were games that our team had no medic in them and caused the loss because noon was healing damaged teammate and it was frustrating. I was so frustrated that a cheap guy like me looked into the TF2 market and thought of buying something to relieve the stress. What more in a more serious mode in competitive mode. That’s why I am here to share with you guys on how to setup an optimal team by having a great team composition.

TF2 Market: According to Wiki

So I looked up for some write-ups on the proper team composition on competitive Team Fortress 2, because honestly I haven’t set foot in the mode in fear of getting frustrated again. Good thing TF2 Wiki provided some info on team composition:

The standard competitive lineup is made up of the following team composition:

  • Medic
  • Demoman
  • Pocket, usually a Soldier
  • Roamer, also usually a Soldier
  • Utilities, usually both Scouts

The Medic and Demoman almost never change classes within a game. Depending on the map, either or both utilities might spend more time as other classes, especially on asymmetrical maps like Gravel Pit or Badwater. Soldiers most commonly remain Soldiers throughout the entire game, though the pocket sometimes switches to a Heavy, and other switches are not unheard of.

The combination of the Medic and at least one of his partners (generally a Soldier and a Demoman) is referred to as “The Combo”. The Combo will usually receive the Medic’s Übercharge, and represents a team’s location in a map. The Roamer and Situational classes will move around and look to gain picks, back-cap, or force the enemy medic to deploy an Übercharge to save himself.

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Trade TF2 for another game isn’t a good idea now since the addition of fresh content / new modes.

We will go further on this topic on my next article. Do you think this is the right team composition in the game? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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