Eve Online Ships: Sharing Part 1

I have read and heard some comments about Eve Online that it is really boring of an MMORPG and the redeeming factors only would be the Eve Online Ships. As I always say to them in response when I have the chance, you don’t know what you’re talking about. It is either they didn’t play the game that long or they are just plainly stupid. Sometimes it is a combination of both. So yeah, no need to reply to those posts.

Eve Online Ships

Eve Online Ships: Let’s Start

So I bumped into a long post in Eve Subreddit with someone sharing a story to us. It is not all about the action and the graphics. Sometimes an MMORPG is all about the experience and the stories created while playing the game, like Eve Online. Like this one:

Yes, I’m brand new. No, I’m not some scrub on here asking for tips – I’m capable of using the internet. Just wanted to share my experience so far, and why I think EVE Online may be one of the most brilliant games of all time.

I have 1400+ hours in Elite Dangerous, and I will always have a very warm place in my heart for it. But now that I’ve been playing EVE for all of a week or so, I’ve finally recognized why Elite couldn’t keep my attention. Despite its incredible flight control, the brilliant UI, the pure sense of freedom, and fun combat mechanics, nothing ever escaped your own cockpit – physically or mentally.

You are locked into that chair. Nothing outside of that cockpit really influences your goals. What I mean is that every goal you create for yourself is of a selfish nature. I need more money. I want a better ship. I need to increase my standing in my faction, because I want the faction bonus/ship/module. I want to explore. I want to be a pirate. In Elite Dangerous, you could play with other people, but there was never a reason to beyond merely wanting to. In fact, most activities were far less lucrative with other players and it wasn’t even that risky to fly alone.

Let us continue next time and maybe the poster will tell us more like something about Eve Ships.

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