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Last time we talked about Overwatch is better than Team Fortress 2 in terms of graphics. Granted, TF2 trading back that they are much older and the engine used was that of that year Team Fortress 2 came out. Again, that is no excuse. There could have been any updates or a new release of Team Fortress but they let it slide so yeah, Overwatch won that for me. Graphics isn’t all that to a game but then again, Overwatch overtook Team Fortress 2 in other aspects. Hear me out.

TF2 Trading: Characters

Shooting game like Counterstrike, Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc. have no personality in the characters they are using. You are a lifeless soldier (or terrorist) with a gun and shoot people. That’s it. Kudos to Team Fortress (Team Fortress 2 specifically) for putting some personality to the classes in the game. Who would have expected that each class or role has their own attitude and style? Right? These personalities were brought out more with their animated shorts. As a (former) Team Fortress 2 player, I have never thought that they act differently. Just after finding out about their animated shorts that I realized they have and are characters.

TF2 Trading

Overwatch outdid Team Fortress 2 though. Again, this is just for the sake of argument and I still think it is unfair to compare the two powerhouses of first person shooter. It is expected of Blizzard to develop an amazing storyline with colorful and unique characters. Just taking a look at their old games, you can expect and they definitely delivered on bringing life to their characters. Each character has their own story and why they are participating in the game. Their pasts are strongly established and why they are the way they are. Even the interactions of each character to another character in-game is absolutely amusing. So I guess that they took the idea from Team Fortress 2 that they should have different personalities in the game, who knows? Even if they did, they surely outdid theirselves! Blizzard, that is. Yup, please don’t put items or hats in Overwatch like those TF2 Items. It will ruin everything, in my opinion.

Do you think I’m wrong? Or you agree with me? Let us know in the comments section!

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