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Moneymakers in Eve Online are as important as those players who focus in getting strong (for future wars). That’s what makes Eve Online great not unlike other MMORPG’s. Even if you don’t focus in fighting but you have monetary control over many, you still are considered valuable in the population. Actually, sometimes you are more feared by people because in any instant, you can build the most powerful ship in the game. Not to mention these moneymaking people don’t have to pay real money for their subscription. They can purchase Eve Plex every end of their game time.

Eve Plex: Post

With the topic, it is not surprising that people be asking in Reddit about how to trade efficiently. Actually, this post below is asking on how to trade because he has no idea on how to in Eve Online:

Hello everyone, i am an Elite: Dangerous player which mostly interested about trading. But after playing E: D for several months, it just became too simple and I looked for more complex trading games. I started playing Eve, found myself in a mining corporation and mined for months, then left game without trading (it is less funnier than it looks) .

Now i really would like to start trading, but all guides I’ve found is mostly outdated, links are broken etc. Therefore I have no idea where to start or what to do.

I have an Iteron Mark V and 60 million isks. If I sell my other ships I almost have 500 million isks. So no freighter for now.

What would you suggest? Shall i go Jita and than what?

Thanks for your help!

By the way sorry for reposting this on EveTrading subreddit but that subreddit seems pretty dead.


Just like the comments I read in the post, there are numerous ways to trade so there is no definite answer to this.

People actually are active in responding to these posts in Reddit which is very admiring. It is rare for people to respond quickly without trolling or being toxic. That goes to show Eve Online community really IS a community. The community is so nice that they might buy Eve Plex for you so they can play with you more.

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