TF2 Market: Change of Scenery

It’s all bad news about Team Fortress 2 recently and these days have been no better either. No, let us not blame Blizzard with Overwatch. If there’s one we can point a finger to is to Valve and how they mishandled Team Fortress 2 in many different ways. With the overflowing news of all things bad for TF2, let us divert our attention to a good story that might never have happened if not for Team Fortress 2. Surely, this cannot be seen in the TF2 Market, so read on.

TF2 Market: Good Story

This is a post by LoopsCode in TF2 Reddit. I am merely sharing it to you guys!

This is a story on how TF2 got me a job in Silicon Valley, the place of my dreams to begin my career as a fresh new computer engineering grad.

This story started two years ago, when I was invited to sub as a Soldier in a UGC Silver Highlander team from a friend, his name Borat, I met in TF2Center. We played a few games while we chatted in Mumble, and in the first few games, we clicked pretty well. A few days later, this friend asked if I was interested in joining their team full-time as their main soldier for the upcoming season. I first hesitated, but eventually agreed because I thought the dudes were all very swell.

Fast forward a few months, we were deep into the weekly games. Our team didn’t have the best DM, or the best players, or even the best strats, but gosh darn, we had team work and good vibes. The group of guys were just great people that encouraged each other when things went south, and in general, made the sometimes-toxic UGC environment tolerable, and even fun!

Speaking of toxicity, this is how the story really started.

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To be continued…

LOL. Look forward for the continuation everyone! Don’t trade TF2 yet!

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