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How Overwatch Won the TF2 Market

Again, like what I said in my last article, it is really against my will to compare Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch. They both only deserve love because how good they are, in their own rights. Sad to say, they share a demographic, the First Person Shooter players. If it is humanly possible to play two games at a same time, I would have with Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch. Since I am really swept by the Overwatch hype train, I am off the TF2 market. You might ask why I switched to Overwatch? Find out here!

TF2 Market, One Reason to Say Goodbye

Overwatch is better in so many ways than Team Fortress 2. Again, what I am saying is they are both good but Overwatch has and is just satisfying me more. I never and will never say Team Fortress 2 is bad.

TF2 Market

First and foremost, Overwatch has greater graphics. Yeah, I know. Graphics is not the basis of a better game and Team Fortress 2 is way older than Overwatch, obviously. Still, without any release of Team Fortress 3, Team Fortress 2 should have been updated on its graphics if it still wants to compete to the new first person shooters coming out right now e.g. Overwatch. With the lack of effort from Valve, maybe expecting Team Fortress 2 players to exercise their loyalty to the game, they didn’t update Team Fortress 2’s graphics. Maybe it is because it will affect the game or that is how TF2 and don’t need to change it? Whatever reason Valve may have, Overwatch still has a better graphics than Team Fortress 2. So should be expected from Blizzard. One is that they have insane technology on animated shorts, cut scenes. Glad they have applied it in the game itself not like that grandpa MMORPG they became famous for *ehem WoW* where they have a hard time updating the in-game graphics while the cinematics and scenes are just insanely lifelike.

There are many more things Overwatch overpowered Team Fortress 2 in my head so please do stay tune for those. Trade TF2 for Overwatch obviously for me.

TF2 Market in Trouble

It would be the nth time already if I say it again, Team Fortress 2 is just waiting for its funeral. I am not wishing for it, do not get me wrong. No one wants a great game to die, right? But due to TF2 being so old (FPS games get old fast, in my opinion) and nothing new is coming out from Valve (*ehem* Team Fortress 3), this will greatly affect the TF2 Market.


We know that Team Fortress 2 is becoming stale. Well, it has become stale to non-loyal players of the game thus they are in search of a new first person shooting game. Their search is over though and Valve should be shaking their heads right now because of this new game that just came out. I am pretty sure you heard of the new first person shooter / MOBA from Blizzard. Yes, it is Overwatch. I am not surprised you know, of course. I got in the hype train as well! You did too? Again, I am not surprised.

TF2 Market


With the past domination of Team Fortress 2 in the first person shooter market and it not releasing any new stuff to make its run longer, Blizzard took that opportunity and created Overwatch. But there are CS:GO, CoD and the likes? In my honest opinion, those other first person shooters don’t really matter. They are too weak of a competitor in the market and too boring. So yeah, they do not count. Going back to Overwatch, have you seen the hype about the game before and after the release date?! I did see, hear and actually feel the hype! If Valve did not waste the opportunity, they could have gotten the hype and sales of Overwatch for themselves. But no, they let another company take over the market and now they are in trouble. If it is possible. I will my trade TF2 copy for a another copy of Overwatch so I can share it to a friend who can play with me this awesome of a game!