TF2 Trading: Laugh Out Loud

Team Fortress 2 might be pushed back into the shadows by Overwatch but animations related or about Team Fortress 2 never fails to entertain. Former TF2 players might go back to playing the game on just how funny this is and in turn spark TF2 Trading as well.

TF2 Trading: Funny Video



This is the transcript of the video just in case you didn’t understand some of them.

“But I mean, Team Fortress 2 is just way too rediculous four you to- ’cause, it’s all the same thing. It’s like… I dunno.

You get the Scout. And you put him in a wig. And then he looks at the sun a bunch. And then, there’s Femscout. You put her in a wig too. Then, the Spy’s the bad guy…


Femscout’s gonna have to die at some point, ’cause….

Fuck that shit.

And then, Scout’s sad. And then he has a sword. And then he fights demons. And then, Femscout’s back, she didn’t really die, becasue it was the Spy.

And then… uh….

Scout has to fight femscout. And he kicks her into the sun. And then he realizes what he’s done. And then he’s real sad. Then he’s on a bed. Then he looks at a gun. Then he’s about to shoot himself, but he’s like:

‘Nah, this ‘aint cool.’

So then he goes…

… drives a bike…

Off into the Sunset. And then the sun turns into his mom’s head. And it turns to the camera and mouths the words:

‘Ya’ done did good, kid’

And that’s the end of the show.

That’s every drama tf2 video.”

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I was literally laughing my heart out while watching this. There were parts that I didn’t understand but I think that’s where it hit the spot, when the video made you “wtf”. There were some TF2 Items in the video as well like the hats. Hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did and credits to the owner and uploader!

Redeem Code: 10 Things Overwatch Players Hate

Overwatch has been an undeniable success in the past month and there’s really no sign of it stopping any time soon. As much as we all love Overwatch here at Steambuysell, there are still some things that make us boil uncontrollably with rage as we sail through match after match. Also, redeem code.

Below is a nifty little vid outlining some of the more general things we all tend to hate:

Overwatch: MEI IS NOT BAE

Screw Mei. Seriously. Apart from that, there are only a couple of things I agree with because some of the other issues the creators of the video present are a bit nitpicky and on the “L2P” side of things. But my biggest agreement with the video is that lack of a story campaign. I truly love the multiplayer and esports panache it has, but a lot of the love for this game from fans is their fascination with the characters and world of Overwatch.

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We all want to know about Tracer, her history, current well-being, and possibly her dating history. We want to see what really happened with the Shimada brothers in the past and their current relationship, as well as if it’s true that the Shimada’s are the onry ones to contror the dragons. And what about the other heroes that haven’t been in the animated spotlight yet? The hell does Mei actually do? Is she really chubby under that coat? Or does she just have a ridiculous bust size? Why does Zarya look like a random Tumblr girl? Is there something going on between Mercy, Soldier 76, and Reaper? Love triangle, maybe? Did they ever have a threesome? The questions are endless in that regard and, hopefully, Blizzard can answer them soon through either more animated shorts or, even better, a full fledged story mode campaign in the near future.

Overwatch is an amazing game and has even more potential in the future. Let’s hope that Blizzard knows what they’re doing and continue to improve upon this already stellar IP.

TF2 Trading: Rabid Heavy Taming Engineer

Engineer is one of my favorite role in playing Team Fortress 2. I love the defensive aspect of being an Engineer. Just putting down your turret and wait for people die right in front of you. Not to mention without shooting a single shot of your gun, the feeling is great. Engineer is not only for defensive strategies. With the good positioning of turret on the offensive, Engineer can be really a force to be reckoned with. It is as if you made a good deal in TF2 Trading, that great of a feeling.

TF2 Trading: All New Level of Engineering

So what if your turret is moving and infinitely stronger than your usual turret? Oh, it can also rack up kills in amazing speed. Would you like that? I am pretty sure you do and I am pretty sure every player in Team Fortress 2 will play as an Engineer. Who would not want to play an overpowered role like that in a competitive game, right?

Want a glimpse of what I am saying? Here is a video of the Rabid Heavy Taming Engineer! Watch and enjoy the action!


Look at all those bodies mangled by the Rabid Heavy. They did not have time to react to the rampaging beast. Not even bullets can stop him or it, whatever that is. Aside from being unstoppable, it is amazing to see fear got to everyone first and made them all panic. Let the chaos spread!

TF2 Trading

Oh my goodness. I really hope that piece of meat is available in the TF2 Items list anytime and use it to, you know, attract the Rabid Heavy and make it fight for your team. What a lovely sight it would be seeing all those internal organs of your enemies all over the place. Am I being too sadistic? LOL. It is okay, we are all playing a pretty violent game anyways!