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TF2 Trading Some Great Moments

Overwatch has “Play of the Game” feature every end of the game to let everyone see the most awesome play of the match (well not always). Some of your amazing and game changing plays won’t necessarily get to be chosen as the play of the game but get to be saved in the highlights section in the main menu. This is definitely a thumbs up on Overwatch as they credit great plays in a match. Unfortunately, Team Fortress 2 doesn’t have that. If you don’t record the entirety of your game, you can’t really predict when to record that pro move of yours. Sad, I hope Team Fortress 2 had that kind of feature as well and maybe you can post it in some TF2 Trading thread.

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TF2 Trading: The Very Least

So, without the Play of the Game feature in Team Fortress 2, I thought to myself, “how can we share our great moments in TF2?” without having to record the entirety of our gaming hours. Not to mention it will eat up all our disk space if we do that. Apparently, someone already made a post in Reddit asking people on some awesome plays or moments in Team Fortress 2:

What’s your most memorable TF2 experience, that you’ll probably look back on 10+ years from now

Mine is the time I first dominated this regular on this harvest server I frequent. He’s a beast, and is infamous on the server for being really good. Of course, I’d always get dommed by him, and after a while, I’d planned to get revenge.

So, one day, I rallied the entire team, and, as a pocket medic, I worked to support our 5 soldiers in an attempt to get a domination on him.

It look about an hour and a half, but finally, I healed a soldier who got a third consecutive kill on him, and finally…


It was the first and last domination we’ll ever get. The kick was when he said in chat

“Your still trash tho”

I still go to that server


You can comment your amazing moments here as well, but it would be more awesome if we have some kind of video to back them up. You know what they say, “Pics (or vids) or it didn’t happen.” Well at least we get to share our moments here. Maybe we can choose the most wonderful moment and give out some TF2 Items? Looking forward reading your moments, everyone!

TF2 Trading: Updates

Overwatch is owning the first person shooter market now. Actually, Overwatch is owning the gaming market. So what does old man Team Fortress 2 doing about it? Will the dying game still try to retaliate? TF2 trading blows versus Overwatch? Well, these new updates, in my opinion, is an attempt to do so. Hey correct me if I’m wrong but I think they are trying to but this is just a “at least we tried” stuff going on.

TF2 Trading: News

I heard that there will be updates this month in Team Fortress 2 and here are the said updates (from their official website):

Team Fortress 2 Update Released

June 25, 2016 – TF2 Team

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Internal system changes in preparation for a future update.
  • Fixed erroneously being warned that leaving a bootcamp match will result in an abandon penalty.
  • Fixed servers running tf_mm_strict 2 mis-handling bootcamp matches.
  • Fixed servers running arena mode constantly entering and exiting the pre-round state while empty.
  • Fixed servers failing to recover properly from crashing while running a bootcamp match.

Team Fortress 2 Update Released

June 22, 2016 – TF2 Team

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed Mannpower and PASS Time game modes showing up in the wrong quickplay UI categories.

Team Fortress 2 Update Released

June 22, 2016 – TF2 Team

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Internal system changes in preparation for a future update
  • Updated the localization files
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Yeah, these are just fixes. I don’t have news on the other updates but it seems people are telling everyone to not be hyped about it which I agree on. I really think TF2 should be put down. More TF2 Items won’t cut it as well. Pessimism from me for days. Can’t help it since I’m just stating the truth.

Tf2 trading – Kinds of Shooters

Tf2 trading is on the brink of extinction so as the tf2 market.

The hyped game right now – overwatch, probably came from the concept of team fortress. Team fortress has these basic characters like tank, damage, sniper, support characters. In overwatch, we can see similar characters too: tank, snipers, damage, and support. The only difference is, overwatch has different versions of these characters. Take for example mercy and lucio, these folks are both healers but works differently. On the other hand, in team fortress, the only support character is the medic. With massive pool of characters, it makes overwatch more complex than team fortress.

Team fortress, battleborne and overwatch created a new kind of first person shooter. Counter strike is classic and it is way too different than overwatch, although, it falls in the same genre. It is like the different kinds of monkeys. There are gorillas; there are baboons. They are different, but still falls in the same category of monkeys.

Tf2 trading – Battle Arena

Not sure what to call the genre of the likes of team fortress 2 and overwatch, for the time being let’s call it ‘battle arena.’

Battle arena is a kind of first person shooter where there are character classes. And it is centered in objectives not kills.

Unlike the classic first person shooters, the players re-spawn constantly which make this genre more addictive because you don’t have to wait.



Counter strike is classic. A game is composed of rounds. Each round players are only given with one life with 100 HP, lose it and you have to wait until the next round.

Classic first person shooters barely focus on the objective or more like they utilize objective to get kills.


Another kind of first person shooter is the likes of battlefield. The goal is to capture bases. Moreover, players can ride things like tank and humvee.

TF2 Trading : More Overwatch

Last time we talked about Overwatch is better than Team Fortress 2 in terms of graphics. Granted, TF2 trading back that they are much older and the engine used was that of that year Team Fortress 2 came out. Again, that is no excuse. There could have been any updates or a new release of Team Fortress but they let it slide so yeah, Overwatch won that for me. Graphics isn’t all that to a game but then again, Overwatch overtook Team Fortress 2 in other aspects. Hear me out.

TF2 Trading: Characters

Shooting game like Counterstrike, Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc. have no personality in the characters they are using. You are a lifeless soldier (or terrorist) with a gun and shoot people. That’s it. Kudos to Team Fortress (Team Fortress 2 specifically) for putting some personality to the classes in the game. Who would have expected that each class or role has their own attitude and style? Right? These personalities were brought out more with their animated shorts. As a (former) Team Fortress 2 player, I have never thought that they act differently. Just after finding out about their animated shorts that I realized they have and are characters.

TF2 Trading

Overwatch outdid Team Fortress 2 though. Again, this is just for the sake of argument and I still think it is unfair to compare the two powerhouses of first person shooter. It is expected of Blizzard to develop an amazing storyline with colorful and unique characters. Just taking a look at their old games, you can expect and they definitely delivered on bringing life to their characters. Each character has their own story and why they are participating in the game. Their pasts are strongly established and why they are the way they are. Even the interactions of each character to another character in-game is absolutely amusing. So I guess that they took the idea from Team Fortress 2 that they should have different personalities in the game, who knows? Even if they did, they surely outdid theirselves! Blizzard, that is. Yup, please don’t put items or hats in Overwatch like those TF2 Items. It will ruin everything, in my opinion.

Do you think I’m wrong? Or you agree with me? Let us know in the comments section!

TF2 Trading Punches With Overwatch

Here we are again, trying to take a look on both Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch. Honestly I hate comparing the two because they are both unique in their own and have made a name for themselves. Right? But then again, it is likely people to compare them against each other because of some semblances and they are under the same genre of game, first person shooter. With the recent release of Overwatch and the hype train it is riding right now, TF2 trading punches with the powerhouse from Blizzard is inevitable.

Team Fortress 2 Plus

Since Overwatch is the newest king of first person shooter to date (Battleborne is not released yet. DOOM is trailing in the race. Others are just completely irrelevant right now in my total honest opinion), let us take a look first on Team Fortress 2 side. What are the plus side of Team Fortress 2 against Overwatch? Well, honestly, Team Fortress 2, for me, has been shoved to the shadows because of the release of Overwatch. I am totally unbiased on this write-up but with the big success of Overwatch, I have to admit I might look so biased. Really, Overwatch is so good and Team Fortress 2 is just so outdated but admittedly is still strong. Maybe the biggest punch TF2 can throw to Overwatch is that they have (proven) numerous loyal players already. Overwatch has yet to see how many players will become unconditionally loyal to the game.

tf2 trading

Trying to fight vs Overwatch

Overwatch Took Something from Team Fortress 2

I have to thank Team Fortress 2 first because without them, Overwatch might not exist right now because they have no staple to base on what they are right now. I really think TF2 had some influence on Overwatch. Oh thanks to Valve also for not releasing a Team Fortress 3 as well thus Blizzard taking over the market. LOL! Goodbye TF2 Items… (sadface)

Okay, Overwatch’s plus? So many! I will have to do that comparison on my next article. Wait for it guys!

TF2 Trading: Rabid Heavy Taming Engineer

Engineer is one of my favorite role in playing Team Fortress 2. I love the defensive aspect of being an Engineer. Just putting down your turret and wait for people die right in front of you. Not to mention without shooting a single shot of your gun, the feeling is great. Engineer is not only for defensive strategies. With the good positioning of turret on the offensive, Engineer can be really a force to be reckoned with. It is as if you made a good deal in TF2 Trading, that great of a feeling.

TF2 Trading: All New Level of Engineering

So what if your turret is moving and infinitely stronger than your usual turret? Oh, it can also rack up kills in amazing speed. Would you like that? I am pretty sure you do and I am pretty sure every player in Team Fortress 2 will play as an Engineer. Who would not want to play an overpowered role like that in a competitive game, right?

Want a glimpse of what I am saying? Here is a video of the Rabid Heavy Taming Engineer! Watch and enjoy the action!


Look at all those bodies mangled by the Rabid Heavy. They did not have time to react to the rampaging beast. Not even bullets can stop him or it, whatever that is. Aside from being unstoppable, it is amazing to see fear got to everyone first and made them all panic. Let the chaos spread!

TF2 Trading

Oh my goodness. I really hope that piece of meat is available in the TF2 Items list anytime and use it to, you know, attract the Rabid Heavy and make it fight for your team. What a lovely sight it would be seeing all those internal organs of your enemies all over the place. Am I being too sadistic? LOL. It is okay, we are all playing a pretty violent game anyways!