Redeem Code: 10 Things Overwatch Players Hate

Overwatch has been an undeniable success in the past month and there’s really no sign of it stopping any time soon. As much as we all love Overwatch here at Steambuysell, there are still some things that make us boil uncontrollably with rage as we sail through match after match. Also, redeem code.

Below is a nifty little vid outlining some of the more general things we all tend to hate:

Overwatch: MEI IS NOT BAE

Screw Mei. Seriously. Apart from that, there are only a couple of things I agree with because some of the other issues the creators of the video present are a bit nitpicky and on the “L2P” side of things. But my biggest agreement with the video is that lack of a story campaign. I truly love the multiplayer and esports panache it has, but a lot of the love for this game from fans is their fascination with the characters and world of Overwatch.

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We all want to know about Tracer, her history, current well-being, and possibly her dating history. We want to see what really happened with the Shimada brothers in the past and their current relationship, as well as if it’s true that the Shimada’s are the onry ones to contror the dragons. And what about the other heroes that haven’t been in the animated spotlight yet? The hell does Mei actually do? Is she really chubby under that coat? Or does she just have a ridiculous bust size? Why does Zarya look like a random Tumblr girl? Is there something going on between Mercy, Soldier 76, and Reaper? Love triangle, maybe? Did they ever have a threesome? The questions are endless in that regard and, hopefully, Blizzard can answer them soon through either more animated shorts or, even better, a full fledged story mode campaign in the near future.

Overwatch is an amazing game and has even more potential in the future. Let’s hope that Blizzard knows what they’re doing and continue to improve upon this already stellar IP.

TF2 Trading : More Overwatch

Last time we talked about Overwatch is better than Team Fortress 2 in terms of graphics. Granted, TF2 trading back that they are much older and the engine used was that of that year Team Fortress 2 came out. Again, that is no excuse. There could have been any updates or a new release of Team Fortress but they let it slide so yeah, Overwatch won that for me. Graphics isn’t all that to a game but then again, Overwatch overtook Team Fortress 2 in other aspects. Hear me out.

TF2 Trading: Characters

Shooting game like Counterstrike, Battlefield, Call of Duty, etc. have no personality in the characters they are using. You are a lifeless soldier (or terrorist) with a gun and shoot people. That’s it. Kudos to Team Fortress (Team Fortress 2 specifically) for putting some personality to the classes in the game. Who would have expected that each class or role has their own attitude and style? Right? These personalities were brought out more with their animated shorts. As a (former) Team Fortress 2 player, I have never thought that they act differently. Just after finding out about their animated shorts that I realized they have and are characters.

TF2 Trading

Overwatch outdid Team Fortress 2 though. Again, this is just for the sake of argument and I still think it is unfair to compare the two powerhouses of first person shooter. It is expected of Blizzard to develop an amazing storyline with colorful and unique characters. Just taking a look at their old games, you can expect and they definitely delivered on bringing life to their characters. Each character has their own story and why they are participating in the game. Their pasts are strongly established and why they are the way they are. Even the interactions of each character to another character in-game is absolutely amusing. So I guess that they took the idea from Team Fortress 2 that they should have different personalities in the game, who knows? Even if they did, they surely outdid theirselves! Blizzard, that is. Yup, please don’t put items or hats in Overwatch like those TF2 Items. It will ruin everything, in my opinion.

Do you think I’m wrong? Or you agree with me? Let us know in the comments section!

Redeem Codes: Battleborn Vs. Overwatch

Forget Team Fortress 2, Dota, and LoL; the real competitors are Battleborn and Overwatch as they’re both new IPs vying for a good spot in an increasingly competitive esports scene. Battleborn is developed by Gearbox studios, the same developers of the Borderlands series, while Overwatch is a new and original IP from Blizzard of World of Warcraft fame.

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They’re both shooters, yes, and they’re both intrinsically similar, but at the same time, play completely differently.

Redeem Codes: The Key Differences


  • Overwatch

Let’s start with Overwatch. Why start here? A bias? Maybe. But it also has something to do with how dead simple the game is. I don’t mean that as an insult or a compliment; but merely a statement of fact. It’s a team-based shooter that takes its roots from traditional 90’s shooters like Doom, Half Life, Quake, and, of course, Team Fortress the mod. It naturally takes inspiration from Team Fortress 2 and Blizzard freely admits that.

In terms of gameplay, it’s what you’d expect a shooter to be, but the real clincher in Overwatch is its solidly colorful cast of characters that are simply too attractive to ignore. With each hero having their own skills and abilities, each hero plays uniquely and fit roles that have to synergize well with a team. And, you know, that’s pretty much it about Overwatch.

It has some great lore, fantastic characters, and superbly fun gameplay that has been inspired from the tried-and-tested classics of the 90’s. There’s really no way to go wrong there.

  • Battleborn

Battleborn, on the other hand, can be very complicated. Calling itself a “hero shooter,” Battleborn sports also a ton of unique heroes that follow in the same vein as Overwatch, but has more skills, much more akin to a Moba than a team based shooter. If anything, the game is very similar to Smite, a 3rd person Moba with a similar concept. Battleborn also has single player and non-competitive cooperative modes coupled with an account and hero progression. Compared to Overwatch, Battleborn certainly has more to do than competitive matches.

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However, the only problem with the game is that it tries to be a lot of things at the same time. It’s trying to be an MMO, an FPS Moba, a team based shooter, and a generic shooter campaign all at once. It then becomes hard to pinpoint what it actually wants to focus on, making it harder to be taken seriously as an esport unlike Overwatch’s committed single mindedness.

Redeem Codes: What’s better?

Well, you decide! They both are good at what they do and will certainly attract specific crowds. If you like the Moba format, best to go Battleborn redeem codes, but the iffy jack of all trades concept it has going may make it hard to have an Esports future. Choose Overwatch redeem codes if you want something more stable competitively, but it does lack other content apart from the competitive aspect. Both games are great, to be honest, and it will only matter what you find more enjoyable.

How Overwatch Won the TF2 Market

Again, like what I said in my last article, it is really against my will to compare Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch. They both only deserve love because how good they are, in their own rights. Sad to say, they share a demographic, the First Person Shooter players. If it is humanly possible to play two games at a same time, I would have with Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch. Since I am really swept by the Overwatch hype train, I am off the TF2 market. You might ask why I switched to Overwatch? Find out here!

TF2 Market, One Reason to Say Goodbye

Overwatch is better in so many ways than Team Fortress 2. Again, what I am saying is they are both good but Overwatch has and is just satisfying me more. I never and will never say Team Fortress 2 is bad.

TF2 Market

First and foremost, Overwatch has greater graphics. Yeah, I know. Graphics is not the basis of a better game and Team Fortress 2 is way older than Overwatch, obviously. Still, without any release of Team Fortress 3, Team Fortress 2 should have been updated on its graphics if it still wants to compete to the new first person shooters coming out right now e.g. Overwatch. With the lack of effort from Valve, maybe expecting Team Fortress 2 players to exercise their loyalty to the game, they didn’t update Team Fortress 2’s graphics. Maybe it is because it will affect the game or that is how TF2 and don’t need to change it? Whatever reason Valve may have, Overwatch still has a better graphics than Team Fortress 2. So should be expected from Blizzard. One is that they have insane technology on animated shorts, cut scenes. Glad they have applied it in the game itself not like that grandpa MMORPG they became famous for *ehem WoW* where they have a hard time updating the in-game graphics while the cinematics and scenes are just insanely lifelike.

There are many more things Overwatch overpowered Team Fortress 2 in my head so please do stay tune for those. Trade TF2 for Overwatch obviously for me.

TF2 Trading Punches With Overwatch

Here we are again, trying to take a look on both Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch. Honestly I hate comparing the two because they are both unique in their own and have made a name for themselves. Right? But then again, it is likely people to compare them against each other because of some semblances and they are under the same genre of game, first person shooter. With the recent release of Overwatch and the hype train it is riding right now, TF2 trading punches with the powerhouse from Blizzard is inevitable.

Team Fortress 2 Plus

Since Overwatch is the newest king of first person shooter to date (Battleborne is not released yet. DOOM is trailing in the race. Others are just completely irrelevant right now in my total honest opinion), let us take a look first on Team Fortress 2 side. What are the plus side of Team Fortress 2 against Overwatch? Well, honestly, Team Fortress 2, for me, has been shoved to the shadows because of the release of Overwatch. I am totally unbiased on this write-up but with the big success of Overwatch, I have to admit I might look so biased. Really, Overwatch is so good and Team Fortress 2 is just so outdated but admittedly is still strong. Maybe the biggest punch TF2 can throw to Overwatch is that they have (proven) numerous loyal players already. Overwatch has yet to see how many players will become unconditionally loyal to the game.

tf2 trading

Trying to fight vs Overwatch

Overwatch Took Something from Team Fortress 2

I have to thank Team Fortress 2 first because without them, Overwatch might not exist right now because they have no staple to base on what they are right now. I really think TF2 had some influence on Overwatch. Oh thanks to Valve also for not releasing a Team Fortress 3 as well thus Blizzard taking over the market. LOL! Goodbye TF2 Items… (sadface)

Okay, Overwatch’s plus? So many! I will have to do that comparison on my next article. Wait for it guys!

TF2 Market in Trouble

It would be the nth time already if I say it again, Team Fortress 2 is just waiting for its funeral. I am not wishing for it, do not get me wrong. No one wants a great game to die, right? But due to TF2 being so old (FPS games get old fast, in my opinion) and nothing new is coming out from Valve (*ehem* Team Fortress 3), this will greatly affect the TF2 Market.


We know that Team Fortress 2 is becoming stale. Well, it has become stale to non-loyal players of the game thus they are in search of a new first person shooting game. Their search is over though and Valve should be shaking their heads right now because of this new game that just came out. I am pretty sure you heard of the new first person shooter / MOBA from Blizzard. Yes, it is Overwatch. I am not surprised you know, of course. I got in the hype train as well! You did too? Again, I am not surprised.

TF2 Market


With the past domination of Team Fortress 2 in the first person shooter market and it not releasing any new stuff to make its run longer, Blizzard took that opportunity and created Overwatch. But there are CS:GO, CoD and the likes? In my honest opinion, those other first person shooters don’t really matter. They are too weak of a competitor in the market and too boring. So yeah, they do not count. Going back to Overwatch, have you seen the hype about the game before and after the release date?! I did see, hear and actually feel the hype! If Valve did not waste the opportunity, they could have gotten the hype and sales of Overwatch for themselves. But no, they let another company take over the market and now they are in trouble. If it is possible. I will my trade TF2 copy for a another copy of Overwatch so I can share it to a friend who can play with me this awesome of a game!

Steam Codes: Things To Remember in Every Overwatch Match

Getting into a new game is always daunting, especially when it is competitive in nature like League of Legends, CS:GO, DotA, and, of course, Overwatch. Unlike MOBAs of today’s popularity, Overwatch isn’t exactly the same, but nevertheless cut from the same cloth. It’s an FPS MOBA (yes, it’s a MOBA, deal with it), that has more to do with player skill, team composition, and team synergy than anything else right off the bat. You can’t exactly carry in by yourself in Overwatch, but you can certainly have the most impact in a game that controls the flow to inevitably be in your favor. No Steam redeem code is ever going to make up for that knowledge.

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With this said, a lot of newbies, unfamiliar to the very nature of Blizzard games, regardless of how pro they are with shooters in general, are caught off guard when they first start off in Overwatch. There are four (4) roles to be had in Overwatch and these are Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support. Offense characters are generally the high-damaging heroes that have all the tools to decimate and obliterate opposing heroes. Straight up the kind of DPS role you’d expect in MMOs. Defense heroes, while not slacking in the offensive department, are more suited to control the battlefield with their many debilitating skills that can kill opponents outright, deny areas to the enemy team, or create impenetrable choke points to hinder the enemy’s progress. Tank heroes are those that specialize in being as tough as they can be, being able to take a buttload of damage and defending their allies from hostile attacks. Finally, we have the Support role that has heroes that focus on healing and buffing allies, or debuffing enemies to make it easier for them to go down.

Steam Codes: All About the Balance

Every team needs a proper balance in Overwatch or else you may be looking at an instant wipe for every team clash. 3 Reapers and 2 Genjis aren’t exactly going to get you anywhere. There’s always a need for at least one tank and one support hero, preferably a healer like Mercy or Lucio, and pretty much anything else. Like in other holy trinity games, the tank and healer are the pivotal and indispensable roles in every group. Without them, all you will have left are Offense and Defense characters that are quick to die from opponents who are well taken care of by their own tank and healer.

The point? You’ll hardly ever win with Offensive characters purely. Sure, there are going to be some of those instances where a tank-less and healer-less comp will be much more viable when fighting a specific enemy team composition, but you better know the rules first before you break them. Still pretty sad that there aren’t any Steam codes or Steam CD Key for Overwatch though. But, we can certainly dream.

Overwatch Review Part 2 – Be A Hero! – Xbox Redeem Code

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Being a Hero and the Balance in Overwatch! – Redeem Codes for Your Xbox One and PS4

The true crème de la crème of Overwatch is in its gorgeous lore and tantalizing plethora of heroes. With all the marketing of Overwatch, it’s kind of hard to say that you don’t know Tracer or Widowmaker, two heroes with the most screentime. But the other characters in Overwatch are fantastically made as well, evoking a great sense of interest upon seeing them. A notable example would be D.Va, a robot mech controller that uses her mech as both a tank or an offensive powerhouse to decimate the opposing team. Another two would be the brothers made famous by the animated short, Dragons, Hanzo and Genji. Hanzo, the archer, acts like a heavy duty sniper that provides amazing covering fire for his allies, the ability to scale walls, and control the flow of combat overall. Genji, on the other hand, is a swift, close quarters combatant that can decimate nearly any other hero with a strike from his sword and a very awesome ability to reflect most incoming projectiles. And I do emphasize the word swift.

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But let’s not get bogged down in only the offensive heroes. Tanks and support have a greater role in the concept of team-based shooters here in Overwatch. D.Va was already mentioned and counts as a tank, but a better example of a true blooded tank would be Reinhardt that has a limited melee attack but sports a massive and movable plasma shield that serves as mobile cover for his allies, not to mention also being obscenely tough on his own. Mercy, the most popular support character, can switch her weapon to either healing or damage boost, depending on the situation, and can resurrect allies within her vicinity with her ultimate skill.

Overwatch, PSN redeem code, Xbox redeem code, Online Multiplayer, Redeem Codes, FPS MOBA 3

Quite frankly, It’s been quite some time since I’ve encountered an arena game that have all characters balanced right off the bat. Remember that Overwatch is still in its launch week and folks still haven’t found any glaring defects concerning the balance between characters. While there are some heroes that seem to have stark advantages over others, like between Tracer and McCree, remember that all characters have their own roles and that a specific character might not be within the purview of your personal playstyle. Tracer is played more as an assassin and excels in subterfuge rather than direct and active conflict. McCree is a mid-ranged combatant that excels at eliminating opponents the fastest way possible. You can’t really play McCree like Tracer that zips all across the battlefield in the blink of an eye expecting to elude the enemy front liners without getting shot at. In the same way, you can’t really play Tracer like McCree where she can take on opponents head on. She’ll just end up getting one-shotted.

The variation of style and uniqueness in Overwatch’s heroes is amazingly well done. No matter who you are, whether you like shooters or not, almost every hero in the game’s roster will be appealing for you, especially moreso with them bursting at their seams with personality. The characters in Overwatch alone make it worth getting an Xbox redeem code, a PSN redeem code, or a PC redeem code.

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